Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Best Wishes for Strong, Healthy and Prosperous India in the Year 2010

Dear Friends,
The year 2009 has just become the past, gave us insight to fight against social and political evils. The internal and external outfits are dangerous for civil society who are among us. Certainly some of them are result of repurcussion and some of them are like demons (Rakshash) which is developing within us because of negative interpretation of situtions.

The political evils who wish to go India in medieval ages; who wish to see India “ a fractured nation without Identity”; who wish to differentiate own people in the name of language, region and religion; who doesn’t wish to develop India at all; who doesn’t wish to spread sense of nationality among us, are the real threat for India being strong and prosperous nation of the world.

To fight against these, our civil society must be strong and people must discard these evils. Therefore, I do wish, Year 2010 would make our civil, natioanalist forces strong so that all of us prosper in Healthy and Strong India.

On Behalf of BiharBrains Family, my heartiest wishes and regards goes to all members.

May God bless you to fulfill your dreams in the year 2010.

Warm regards

Bibhuti Bikramaditya
Chairman,BiharBrain s(BBrains Development Society)

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