Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Best Wishes for Strong, Healthy and Prosperous India in the Year 2010

Dear Friends,
The year 2009 has just become the past, gave us insight to fight against social and political evils. The internal and external outfits are dangerous for civil society who are among us. Certainly some of them are result of repurcussion and some of them are like demons (Rakshash) which is developing within us because of negative interpretation of situtions.

The political evils who wish to go India in medieval ages; who wish to see India “ a fractured nation without Identity”; who wish to differentiate own people in the name of language, region and religion; who doesn’t wish to develop India at all; who doesn’t wish to spread sense of nationality among us, are the real threat for India being strong and prosperous nation of the world.

To fight against these, our civil society must be strong and people must discard these evils. Therefore, I do wish, Year 2010 would make our civil, natioanalist forces strong so that all of us prosper in Healthy and Strong India.

On Behalf of BiharBrains Family, my heartiest wishes and regards goes to all members.

May God bless you to fulfill your dreams in the year 2010.

Warm regards

Bibhuti Bikramaditya
Chairman,BiharBrain s(BBrains Development Society)

Friday, 11 December 2009

Bifurcation of states and Development of India

Indian states were said to be formed on the basis of language and it was perhaps thought that same language people can mix up and communicate easily and therebye develop themself. But I feel, it became true under limitation of uniting same language people, It didn't give much output in terms of development. I didn't see any states of India or any big cities of India which became developed because of same language. We must understand and be clear that for development, mean minded attitude will not work in any parts of the world.

Now come to Tilangana and newly formed states in 2000. Lets discuss first the development of newly formed states in 2000. The statistics given by Gowri jee is fine, its true as far as statistics are concerned.

But I feel, after separation from Bihar, main focus of developmnet of Adivasis (TRIBES) are same which were with Bihar. Govt. of Jharkhand which is said to be formed for the development of Adivasis, could n't develop them. Yes, some roads have been built in Ranchi and Jamshedpur. Is this only meaning of developmnet? I didn't see any progress in Jamshedpur, Bokaro, Dhanbad which are heartland of India.
Jamshedpur has potential to become best industrial city of India; Dhanbad, Bokaro and all coal field cities should be become one of the mega cities of India because these places are heart for coal mines and other energy and power sector. If Jharkhand stops providing these minerals to other states of India, the development of other states will be stopped. Thanks for frieght equalisation policy of India.

But go there and see,only Bokaro steel plant looks good; outside steel plant, development is almost none, Only Jamshedpur Township is beautiful;outside township, you will feel the difference. Moreover, there is a complete anarchy in Jharkhand which has become worst than Bihar though 80% of economies were coming from these places when it was in Bihar.

Come to Chhatisgarh and Uttarakhand, I didn't see much developmnet after bifurcation of
state. yes, Raipur and Dehradun are developing. What about outside state capital.. I didn't visit Chhatishgarh but visited Uttrakhand. This state is beautiful, scenaries are good.. these are the good spots for tourism too.
But the importance of these places were same when they were with MP or UP or Bihar. These states didn’t produce result as much it was expected. Question is why? Answer is very simple; There is a case of attitude and mentality. Politicians of India are not visionary ; they just want to earn for their family and friends. Some politicians are now talking about dividing many states for the development of the region but I am sure, it won’t suffice purpose. It will put extra burden of economy for the creation of the states and political “adda” for so called “mean development”.

Now come to Tilangana, Can anybody say that after bifurcation, tilangana will be developed within 10 years and will be on par with Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Maharashtra. My answer is no. I don’t see any visionary leadership in KCR or present CM of Andhra or even later YSR. If development is meant only in Hyderabad and Vijaywada, I am sorry..I don’t want that kind of India. Because place centric development raises always case of dissatisfaction among other people. Today Tilangana and rest Andhra people are fighting for Hyderabad. Later they will fight for their next good place like Vijaywada and say that we want more states within this reason. The dissatisfaction among people will always present if we don’t develop each cities and villages of India. As a result they demand more no. of states .. Dividing India in again 552 Riyasat and some big states will put us in medieval times. Sometimes I feel, Indian leaders has started doing the same for their mean political agenda and success of their short term goal. This is dangerious portents and negative factor for the dream of developed India. In my view, Just making separate states in the name of culture or langauage is not solution and also is not means of development. We must adopt culture of development;

This is my cause of concern.