Friday, 6 November 2009

Keep Development Agenda of Bihar

Recently in 2-3 years, there is trend of keeping people of Bihar out of the other states of India. The recent remark of CM of MP has certainly raised many questions about India being nation. People sitting on highest constitutional seat making humourous and unconstitutional remarks. More than that being sincere citizen of India, I can say, this trend is alarming and can be repeated against other states too. My cause of concern is that our central govt is becoming week which is against the vision of our first Prime minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru who fought and gave us strong India. This was one of the reasons of bifurcation of India and Pakistan. He was against weak center. I admire Nehru for this. But gradually our center is becoming week and states are becoming strong. Thanks to some states who developed themselves and center who doesn’t look towards weeker states.
North eastern and eastern states of India are poor and week. Central govt. has not paid attention on the development of these states. In eastern India, Bihar is the best example of this. There is one think tank among educated people of India why Bihar has not developed themselves when other states were doing so. Bihar had all resources.
When I see this point, I find yes, this is the fact that when other states were developing themselves, Bihar leader were enjoying power, not doing anything for the state. No development activites can be seen in post indepedence era . Bihar leaders and those were in power made money for their family and friends. Similarly I feel, educated people of Bihar, industrialists of Bihar and those who has performed well in national and international forums are also responsible for this awkward situation. They hate Bihar like other states and other nation people. They didn’t do anything for their region/village and even for their own family. My major cause of concern is that.

But Now also, time has not passed.I would suggest, don't be frusterated...Think positively, Do good ,satisfy yourself and try to understand others;then help if you can, try to make pressure on politicians to perfom well. Let our politician understand what people like or dislike. try to build trust among people..

Make healthy society like other states of India. I see the development of MH was result of cooperative movement. People in MH (Maharashtra) make society and help others. I feel, we need this kind of society in bihar. We must throw feudal mentality into infinite range of destination. If you become successful in building your career, try to help others.

If you see Biharis in other countries, they are very few in numbers and those who go outside country don't help others to go there. But see people of tamil nadu and Maharashtra, if one person goes to foreign countries, they bring 10 of his friends /family members to that country. They really help others But we don't. This is the mentality of most people in Bihar. We must change that. Here GOvt. doesn't say. neither central nor state govt. comes in between. I want to say, just build up attitude of help each other.. see the result. I am sure this will lead to another silent revolution in the state.
I feel people of Bihar talks more, do less, We must adopt mentality of talking less and doing more.
The situation of Bihar is pathetic but curable.

Govt,and society both can play vital role in rebuilding and re-glorifying our state. Govt has much responsibility but Society has also many things to do for the common mass. lets accept this responsibility and act progresively. Development is the answer of most of our problems. So please come forward for the cause of development of the state and our mother India.

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