Thursday, 4 June 2009

IITP/Central University still landless:What happened to govt?

This is so bad to hear that IIT Patna is still landless. They didn't get 500 acre land which govt. has proposed near Bihta. As a result, IITP has not started yet its infrastructural plan which would take not less than 3 years. This means IIT has to be accomodated three acacemic years in Pataliputra Polytechnic which is in very shabby condition. The whole Pataliputra colony gets submerged in rainy season which affects academic activties too. I don't know why govt is taking time in handing over land to IITP.

The same thing is happeneing in the case of Central University. It was earlier proposed that it would be opened in Motihari, And also there is confusion whether it is Motihari or in Patna because Central govt has appointed VC for this proposed central university who already arrived in Patna, and waiting for govt orders.Central University has to start its academic activity from this year. But still govt couldn't able to provide land in Patna or Motihari.

Aryabhatt Technical University: is also proposed, Bill has already passed. In a telephonic conversation with one of the highest DST Bihar officials, he told that this university has already appointed VC who is professor of IIT Delhi. As per govt. plan, they would start this university in a temporary campus at Patna but still couldn't start and there is no updates in this in media.

Similarly Nalanda International University is also running in very slow pace. Govt. must work on its plan. In my view, there should be a team of professors from MIT/Oxford etc univeristies and other reputed universities too in this advisory body of proposed Nalanda International University. Time bound action is neccessary for this chalking out the dream plan. Till today, we are able to organiza meeting with Dr. Kalam, Amartya sen and few foreign ministers and professors from Singapore. As per plan, This university proposal has to be tabled in ASEAN meet. But in my view, If govt has got land of 600 acres, then they take possession. This is neccessary.

All are good plans of govt but I feel govt. officials lack in its execution pace which gives bad image in national and international fora.