Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Financial allocation and Bihar educational projects

It looks good that Bihar gets financial aid from the central govt as per their demand. My happiness goes more when Bihar govt spent all money in the financial year. Earlier, there was a time when most part of allocated money were used to returned back to central govt because of lack of plannning and projects.

Thx to present govt for bringing and implementing good projects in Bihar.
I would be very happy if Bihar gets following educational Institutions

1. Nalanda International University : of global standard (MIT/OXFORD)
2. IISER : This instituted is in dire need for Bihar. We are demanding since long.

3. Aryabhatt Knowledge University: is in the stage of formation. I heard news that within a month or two, this university will take shape. One professor of IIT Delhi has been appointed as VC of the proposed university.
4. IIT, Patna : I feel very bad about IIT Patna because of their very bad infrastructure. I don't know why govt gave this polytechnic space for IIT and also amde it "Police Chhawani". The govt should not bargain on the standard of IIT.
I hope, IIT Patna will have good infrastructure in 2-3 years and Then it would function like IIT like status. This would be irony if IIT Patna becomes at the par of IIT K. IITM,IITKH. I would be very happy if IIT Patna produces reseaechers not only enginners.One survey says,all IITs failed to produce researchers, they produce only quality engineers.

Bihar need minimum 100 school of enginneering, management, medical colleges. For this, Private sectors must come to Bihar and invest into this sector. Bihar has enough potential of becoming developed state thru educational rennaissance.