Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Best Wishes for Strong, Healthy and Prosperous India in the Year 2010

Dear Friends,
The year 2009 has just become the past, gave us insight to fight against social and political evils. The internal and external outfits are dangerous for civil society who are among us. Certainly some of them are result of repurcussion and some of them are like demons (Rakshash) which is developing within us because of negative interpretation of situtions.

The political evils who wish to go India in medieval ages; who wish to see India “ a fractured nation without Identity”; who wish to differentiate own people in the name of language, region and religion; who doesn’t wish to develop India at all; who doesn’t wish to spread sense of nationality among us, are the real threat for India being strong and prosperous nation of the world.

To fight against these, our civil society must be strong and people must discard these evils. Therefore, I do wish, Year 2010 would make our civil, natioanalist forces strong so that all of us prosper in Healthy and Strong India.

On Behalf of BiharBrains Family, my heartiest wishes and regards goes to all members.

May God bless you to fulfill your dreams in the year 2010.

Warm regards

Bibhuti Bikramaditya
Chairman,BiharBrain s(BBrains Development Society)

Friday, 11 December 2009

Bifurcation of states and Development of India

Indian states were said to be formed on the basis of language and it was perhaps thought that same language people can mix up and communicate easily and therebye develop themself. But I feel, it became true under limitation of uniting same language people, It didn't give much output in terms of development. I didn't see any states of India or any big cities of India which became developed because of same language. We must understand and be clear that for development, mean minded attitude will not work in any parts of the world.

Now come to Tilangana and newly formed states in 2000. Lets discuss first the development of newly formed states in 2000. The statistics given by Gowri jee is fine, its true as far as statistics are concerned.

But I feel, after separation from Bihar, main focus of developmnet of Adivasis (TRIBES) are same which were with Bihar. Govt. of Jharkhand which is said to be formed for the development of Adivasis, could n't develop them. Yes, some roads have been built in Ranchi and Jamshedpur. Is this only meaning of developmnet? I didn't see any progress in Jamshedpur, Bokaro, Dhanbad which are heartland of India.
Jamshedpur has potential to become best industrial city of India; Dhanbad, Bokaro and all coal field cities should be become one of the mega cities of India because these places are heart for coal mines and other energy and power sector. If Jharkhand stops providing these minerals to other states of India, the development of other states will be stopped. Thanks for frieght equalisation policy of India.

But go there and see,only Bokaro steel plant looks good; outside steel plant, development is almost none, Only Jamshedpur Township is beautiful;outside township, you will feel the difference. Moreover, there is a complete anarchy in Jharkhand which has become worst than Bihar though 80% of economies were coming from these places when it was in Bihar.

Come to Chhatisgarh and Uttarakhand, I didn't see much developmnet after bifurcation of
state. yes, Raipur and Dehradun are developing. What about outside state capital.. I didn't visit Chhatishgarh but visited Uttrakhand. This state is beautiful, scenaries are good.. these are the good spots for tourism too.
But the importance of these places were same when they were with MP or UP or Bihar. These states didn’t produce result as much it was expected. Question is why? Answer is very simple; There is a case of attitude and mentality. Politicians of India are not visionary ; they just want to earn for their family and friends. Some politicians are now talking about dividing many states for the development of the region but I am sure, it won’t suffice purpose. It will put extra burden of economy for the creation of the states and political “adda” for so called “mean development”.

Now come to Tilangana, Can anybody say that after bifurcation, tilangana will be developed within 10 years and will be on par with Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Maharashtra. My answer is no. I don’t see any visionary leadership in KCR or present CM of Andhra or even later YSR. If development is meant only in Hyderabad and Vijaywada, I am sorry..I don’t want that kind of India. Because place centric development raises always case of dissatisfaction among other people. Today Tilangana and rest Andhra people are fighting for Hyderabad. Later they will fight for their next good place like Vijaywada and say that we want more states within this reason. The dissatisfaction among people will always present if we don’t develop each cities and villages of India. As a result they demand more no. of states .. Dividing India in again 552 Riyasat and some big states will put us in medieval times. Sometimes I feel, Indian leaders has started doing the same for their mean political agenda and success of their short term goal. This is dangerious portents and negative factor for the dream of developed India. In my view, Just making separate states in the name of culture or langauage is not solution and also is not means of development. We must adopt culture of development;

This is my cause of concern.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Keep Development Agenda of Bihar

Recently in 2-3 years, there is trend of keeping people of Bihar out of the other states of India. The recent remark of CM of MP has certainly raised many questions about India being nation. People sitting on highest constitutional seat making humourous and unconstitutional remarks. More than that being sincere citizen of India, I can say, this trend is alarming and can be repeated against other states too. My cause of concern is that our central govt is becoming week which is against the vision of our first Prime minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru who fought and gave us strong India. This was one of the reasons of bifurcation of India and Pakistan. He was against weak center. I admire Nehru for this. But gradually our center is becoming week and states are becoming strong. Thanks to some states who developed themselves and center who doesn’t look towards weeker states.
North eastern and eastern states of India are poor and week. Central govt. has not paid attention on the development of these states. In eastern India, Bihar is the best example of this. There is one think tank among educated people of India why Bihar has not developed themselves when other states were doing so. Bihar had all resources.
When I see this point, I find yes, this is the fact that when other states were developing themselves, Bihar leader were enjoying power, not doing anything for the state. No development activites can be seen in post indepedence era . Bihar leaders and those were in power made money for their family and friends. Similarly I feel, educated people of Bihar, industrialists of Bihar and those who has performed well in national and international forums are also responsible for this awkward situation. They hate Bihar like other states and other nation people. They didn’t do anything for their region/village and even for their own family. My major cause of concern is that.

But Now also, time has not passed.I would suggest, don't be frusterated...Think positively, Do good ,satisfy yourself and try to understand others;then help if you can, try to make pressure on politicians to perfom well. Let our politician understand what people like or dislike. try to build trust among people..

Make healthy society like other states of India. I see the development of MH was result of cooperative movement. People in MH (Maharashtra) make society and help others. I feel, we need this kind of society in bihar. We must throw feudal mentality into infinite range of destination. If you become successful in building your career, try to help others.

If you see Biharis in other countries, they are very few in numbers and those who go outside country don't help others to go there. But see people of tamil nadu and Maharashtra, if one person goes to foreign countries, they bring 10 of his friends /family members to that country. They really help others But we don't. This is the mentality of most people in Bihar. We must change that. Here GOvt. doesn't say. neither central nor state govt. comes in between. I want to say, just build up attitude of help each other.. see the result. I am sure this will lead to another silent revolution in the state.
I feel people of Bihar talks more, do less, We must adopt mentality of talking less and doing more.
The situation of Bihar is pathetic but curable.

Govt,and society both can play vital role in rebuilding and re-glorifying our state. Govt has much responsibility but Society has also many things to do for the common mass. lets accept this responsibility and act progresively. Development is the answer of most of our problems. So please come forward for the cause of development of the state and our mother India.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Pokharan’98 and Govt. Nuclear Diplomacy

On May, 11 &13, 1998, India conducted three serial underground nuclear blast at Pokharan, namely (i) Atom bomb, (ii) Hydrogen Bomb & (iii)Low yield Devices.
In all of the three, today our chief concern is about the hydrogen bomb explosion, which is a thermo nuclear device. This is because, we had already tested Atom Bomb explosion, which is a fission device, at the same place, 24 yrs ago in May 1974 which is yielded about 5.1 on Richer Scale equivalent to about 12 kilo tone and only a marginal improvement has been reported in the Shakti 98 (pseudonym for Pokharan II explosion given by Vajpayee govt.) And as far as low yield device is concerned, it can not be placed in the list of astonishing scientific advancement that could cause flurry of hot debates.
The success of nuclear explosion is measured from the yield, which results from the nuclear explosion. The yield or total energy of a thermonuclear device is generally expressed in mega tonnes (“one megaton is 1000 kilo tones and one kilo tonne is 1000 tonnes of equivalent of chemical explosives.
In seventies, china conducted thermonuclear device and the yield was found to be about 6 megaton’s.
The first thermo-nuclear test was conducted by US in 1951 followed by USSR in1993. It is said that yield found by USSR was about 500-mega tone which is about 84 times more than that of china. But we found, is no more secret now, you will see later, is definitely confusive.
“ The new Scientists” (May 23,98) reported an assessment by Dr. Frode Ringdal, scientific director of the Norwegian Seismic array near Oslo, which is also a part of global network,’ that blast(May 11) registered clearly in Pakistan, Canada, Russia, Australia and here(Oslo).All the traces show, it was almost 15tonnes.
“Seismological Research Letters”(sept,98) cared an article” the May 1998-India and Pakistan Nuclear test” containing an analysis of data of 22 monitoring station around the world with conclusion that May11,explosion had a combined force of no more than 15 kilotonne,so small that they involved a less sophisticated fission bomb than the thermonuclear bomb.
According to Mr. Gregory Evan Vink,Director of Planning at Incorporated Research Institute of Seismology, the seismic signal about explosion, was found to be .4 which is he thought ,10 to 25 kilotons.
More or less, the Japanese scientists and the British Scientist estimated the same yield.
Mr. Gregory E.Van Vink is also the expert advertising US Congress and Clinton Administration, he reported the congress that either Indian thermo nuclear device failed completely or what ever yield that had been recorded, was entirely from the boosted fission device.
Experts at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Princeton University and the Incorporated Research Institute of Seismology at consortium of 90-research University that operates a global network of 100 seismic monitoring stations, endorsed the upper data.
At Princeton, Mr. Frank Von.Hippal, a physicist and Ex- Assistant Director for the national security in the white house office of science and technology policy, said, “it seems pretty convincing to me”.
But the data’s collected by Indian seismological centers and the claim of prominent Indian scientists (like Chidambaram, kalam, Dr.Sikka and Anil kakodkar) was rather different.
While delivering a press conference, Dr.Chidambaram reported that serial blast occurred in India at Pokharan in May 98 had a following device wise yield:

On May 11,98
(i) Fission device (atom bomb)-15 kilotons
(ii) Low yields device-0.2 kilotons.
(iii) Thermonuclear device comprises-
a. Fission device: 12 kilotons.
b. Fusions device:45 kilotons
Total: 57 kilotons
On MAY 13, 98
Two sub kilotons device exploded, gave 0.5 kilotons and 0.3 kilotons yield respectively.
That means, the yield found by Indian seismological center was about 57 kiloton but magnitude just 5.2 on Richter scale. This is also astonishing. Only a margin of 0.1 (5.2 in 1998 & 5.1 in 1974) on Richter scale, there is a difference of 45 kilotons (57-12 =45 kilotons). Is it believable? When asked about the reason behind this, he replied the reason for low values recorded by international seismic sensors was the simultaneous triggering of the three devices-(i) fission device (ii) low yield device & (iii) the thermo nuclear device on May11, 1998.
According to him, the simultaneous explosion caused interference of shock waves traveling through the earth and resulted in a low value seismic data at the international seismological centers. If it is true, one can ask, how the shock waves had no interference at Indian seismic centers.
Clarifying this, Dr.Sikka (who was monitoring his team to assess the yield) said that the final result of the yield gives by us is after cross checking of different data’s.
This type of claims and counter claims is certainly not convincing but looks very elusive.
Dr. B.K.Subha Rao, an eminent Nuclear scientist at IIT, Mumbai has also written an open letter to the Prime Minister on dated 22 Sept. 98 (published in the HINDU on 27oct.,98)urging him to order a judicial inquiry into Pokharan 98. According to him, Dr.kalam and Chidambaram have made a great fool to the nation.

Now two points are very clear:
(i). Yield reported in many different seismological centers of India and abroad varied from 5.1 to 92 on Richter Scale and therefore, controversial equivalent energy gained also varied from 25 kiloton to 57 kilotone.we could not achieve the standard yield level of one megaton .we were far behind.
(ii). Therefore claiming that the data’s collected by our scientists are satisfactory and exhilarious, is certainly a farce. This is unresistingly true at least in comparison to four other nuclear states like America, UK, Russia and China.
Now, this is not question whether India conducted thermonuclear device test explosion, but this is very necessary to see how much extent test succeeded achieving the yield. In the context, our results were not up to the mark. This is the ground reality.
I am not anyway going to belittle the scientific efforts and the advancement they made but attempts should necessarily be made to do further nuclear test in order to find standard yield of the order of mega tones as also Russian defense analyst claims. According to the Russian analysts, India must have to test at least 4 more nuclear explosions for the minimum credibility.


Our govt. became overjoyed for this splendid endeavor of the scientists at Pokharan. Just after explosion, India clarified her nuclear diplomacy based on the three declared intensions of a minimum credible deterrent, of no firt use and willingness to go beyond the moratorium on test towards CTBT and FMCT.
What is meant for maintaining minimum credible nuclear deterrent, we do not know and has not been defined properly? This is abstruse.
No first use is welcome event for the sake of universal brotherhood. But this is very unlogistic and unfavorable efforts to generate favorable public opinion for allowing the govt. to sign CTBT. Now, there will be very possibility of the American govt. supporting India to get permanent seat in the UN Security council. Perhaps, this is the clear result drawn by India after recent Clinton visits. Thanks to Clinton sahib for dispelling the doubts that he is the super boss, controlling the world in very astute manner.
But we must not forget that at the cost of only a marginal scientific advancement, selling of national interest is dangerous and the nuclear diplomacy based on the false claims can be dangerous to the national security.
This is the cause of serious concern.
The govt. must pay attention to that.

(This article was not published by any of the media in 1998)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Outstanding Biharis; Non-Biharis Honored

News Related to "Bihar Asmita Samman award, 2009".

Outstanding Biharis; Non-Biharis Honored
Patna: September 12, 2009

Twenty-seven persons, including 15 Non-Resident Biharis and 5 non-Biharis, were honored at a function organized by the Bihari Helpline at the Sri Krishna Memorial Hall in Patna on Saturday for their invaluable contributions towards bringing accolades to the state in a number of fields including education and entertainment.

Former Governor Kailashpati Mishra and Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami, following the opening ceremony featuring a religious song by noted singer Chhabi Pandey, presented shawls and mementos to Bhojpuri film star Manoj Tiwari, Bihar Brains chairperson Bibhuti Bikramaditya, physician Dr. Arun Tiwari, educationist Shatrughan Kumar, ISKCON Patna chairperson Krishna Kripadas, journalist Firoz Ashraf, Bhojpuri linguist Dr. Arunesh, Bus driver Kuldeep Singh who lost both of his eyes while trying to save passengers in a bomb blast, journalist Dr. Kumar Saptarshi, social activists Shakeel Ahmed Fatami and Sudha Varghese, and a number of other prominent citizens for their outstanding contributions in bringing name and fame to Bihar.

Manoj Tiwari, who is a well-known name in the Bhojpuri world for bringing a number of characters alive on the silver-screen, said his company Ashwini Group was working on a new film based on Chhath Puja and Sri Satyanarayan Katha that would essentially bring both legends to the bigger screen that had remain untouched by filmmakers until now.

"This award is a gift to our organization "BiharBrains" that has become a global development forum for Bihar," said Bikramaditya in an email to PatnaDaily.Com adding the honor goes to all the members of BiharBrains whose guidance, support, and cooperation provide impetus to the execution of various projects in Bihar.

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Bihar Asmita Samman Award, 2009

I am very Happy to Know that I got "Bihar Asmita Samman, 2009" award by Bihar Helpline foundation. Its really a great honor for me and my organization "BBrains Development Society" popularly known as "BiharBrains".
This is the result of our consistent honest effort in the direction of executing development projects in Bihar.
This award goes to all our members whose guidance, support and cooperation boost us to execute projects in Bihar. Hope, it would be continued till infinite.
Hats off to all our members.

Bibhuti Bikramaditya

Thursday, 4 June 2009

IITP/Central University still landless:What happened to govt?

This is so bad to hear that IIT Patna is still landless. They didn't get 500 acre land which govt. has proposed near Bihta. As a result, IITP has not started yet its infrastructural plan which would take not less than 3 years. This means IIT has to be accomodated three acacemic years in Pataliputra Polytechnic which is in very shabby condition. The whole Pataliputra colony gets submerged in rainy season which affects academic activties too. I don't know why govt is taking time in handing over land to IITP.

The same thing is happeneing in the case of Central University. It was earlier proposed that it would be opened in Motihari, And also there is confusion whether it is Motihari or in Patna because Central govt has appointed VC for this proposed central university who already arrived in Patna, and waiting for govt orders.Central University has to start its academic activity from this year. But still govt couldn't able to provide land in Patna or Motihari.

Aryabhatt Technical University: is also proposed, Bill has already passed. In a telephonic conversation with one of the highest DST Bihar officials, he told that this university has already appointed VC who is professor of IIT Delhi. As per govt. plan, they would start this university in a temporary campus at Patna but still couldn't start and there is no updates in this in media.

Similarly Nalanda International University is also running in very slow pace. Govt. must work on its plan. In my view, there should be a team of professors from MIT/Oxford etc univeristies and other reputed universities too in this advisory body of proposed Nalanda International University. Time bound action is neccessary for this chalking out the dream plan. Till today, we are able to organiza meeting with Dr. Kalam, Amartya sen and few foreign ministers and professors from Singapore. As per plan, This university proposal has to be tabled in ASEAN meet. But in my view, If govt has got land of 600 acres, then they take possession. This is neccessary.

All are good plans of govt but I feel govt. officials lack in its execution pace which gives bad image in national and international fora.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Financial allocation and Bihar educational projects

It looks good that Bihar gets financial aid from the central govt as per their demand. My happiness goes more when Bihar govt spent all money in the financial year. Earlier, there was a time when most part of allocated money were used to returned back to central govt because of lack of plannning and projects.

Thx to present govt for bringing and implementing good projects in Bihar.
I would be very happy if Bihar gets following educational Institutions

1. Nalanda International University : of global standard (MIT/OXFORD)
2. IISER : This instituted is in dire need for Bihar. We are demanding since long.

3. Aryabhatt Knowledge University: is in the stage of formation. I heard news that within a month or two, this university will take shape. One professor of IIT Delhi has been appointed as VC of the proposed university.
4. IIT, Patna : I feel very bad about IIT Patna because of their very bad infrastructure. I don't know why govt gave this polytechnic space for IIT and also amde it "Police Chhawani". The govt should not bargain on the standard of IIT.
I hope, IIT Patna will have good infrastructure in 2-3 years and Then it would function like IIT like status. This would be irony if IIT Patna becomes at the par of IIT K. IITM,IITKH. I would be very happy if IIT Patna produces reseaechers not only enginners.One survey says,all IITs failed to produce researchers, they produce only quality engineers.

Bihar need minimum 100 school of enginneering, management, medical colleges. For this, Private sectors must come to Bihar and invest into this sector. Bihar has enough potential of becoming developed state thru educational rennaissance.

Friday, 2 January 2009

year 2008 : a year of misfortune

Dear Friends,

The year 2008 will be remembered as " a year of misfortune" for the state as well as nation. At state level, Bihar has seen bad days of flood and its devastation. Thousands of people died and lakhs of people became homeless. State govt in association with several NGOs, national and international agencies has started working on rehabilitation work and infrastructural development of the affected region. I hope, year 2009 would bear fruits of happiness among flood affected people.
At national level, India has become weak in internal security. Though terrrorism has become global phenomenon and almost all countries are affected by this. But at the same time, we can not deny some lacunae in our system. There is consensus that we will have to change our intelligence system and police machinary. Our police and security guards must serve the general public, they must not work only for the safeguard of the high profile citizen. The youth of India protested at several places and gave very clear message to our politicians to stop spreading message of hatred within our country, stop taking votes in the name of caste, religion, region and language. I hope, govt will learn something from the mood of the youth and the nation.

Some times, I felt, our unity is at stake. Within India, some greedy, selfish people has started spreading heinous act of regionalism which is against the nationhood. we all condemn and must try to get away this kind of forces if they are around us and within us. govt must take strict action and give space in Jails. I hope, govt in 2009will become more strong and will make strict internal policy and laws which are independent of religion, region, caste and culture. We need one rule and one common system for the best interest of the nation.