Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wake up call for Bihar Politicians

I feel very sad about politicians of Bihar who are in Power in both central as well as the state govt. This is because they are just fighting against each other and not focusing on the development of the state. Though at present, Bihar Politicians are strong in center, they failed to bring many projects in Bihar till today

1. Indian Institute for Science Education and Research, IISER: The demand for establishing this institute by BBrains development Society is long. We submitted report to Bihar govt (51 member committee of BiharBrains). A report has been given on In turn Govt of Bihar, put case before Hon'ble CM (you can see on and Also Hon'ble CM wrote letter to Hon'ble PM about need for the establishment of IISER in Bihar. Bihar Govt has assured the land for this mega project. But I feel, again CM is sleeping. He forgot to give " Bell Ring" to Hon'ble PM. Even though he forgot, where are our central govt leaders from Bihar. What our hon'ble MHRD minister and Hon'ble Railway Minster are doing. I appeal to our Hon'ble MHRD minister to bring IISER in Bihar. Bihar needs plenty no. of R&D organizations in which IISER has great potential to revive its ancient glory of research and development.

2. Indian Institute for Information Technology, IIIT: I heard this news from media that IIIT is going to be established at Darbhanga in Bihar. Hon'ble MHRD Minister has announced in a public meeting. But after that no updates............. What happened to IIIT in Bihar? I again appeal to Hon'ble MHRD state minister to fulfill his promises.

3. Central University and world class University: MHRD ministry has announced to establish one Central University and one world Class University in Bihar. This was also mentioned by our Hon’ble CM during inaugural function of the First Bihar Science Conference organized by BBrains Development Society at Patna. I don't know what the meaning of world Class University is but at least central university can be set up as soon as possible. I do request central govt to start the process of implementing the decision of the cabinet.

Other Possibilities to bring R&D projects in Bihar by Central govt.

1. National Railway University, NRU: Bihar is the fit case for setting up this university. But I think, this idea has not come in the mind of our Hon'ble Railway Minister yet. I appeal to Hon'ble Railway Minister to set up this university in Bihar which will be unique for India and the world.
2. DRDO R&D center/CSIR Labs: In Bihar, there is no DRDO organization and CSIR labs. I do request and appeal to Honb'le PM and our central leaders to please set up at least 10 these organizations in Bihar.

Possibilities to start Projects by State Govt:

1. Aryabhatt Knowledge University : Bihar govt has passed the Bill but I feel there is no development in this. Please do this asap.
2. Patna School of Economics: I feel, on the pattern of Delhi School of ECONOMICS, Patna University or state govt should set up this institute. This type of institutes in Bihar will certainly pave the path for making financial junction of the state.

3. Medical and Engineering Colleges: I feel, there is no good progress on opening Medical and engineering colleges in Bihar by state govt. MCI is not giving certificate to Bihar because of its low standard and also Bihar govt is not satisfying the standard of MCI. This is so bad.

There are plenty no. of such projects required to be installed in Bihar but our politicians are not paying attention on the development. Bihar needs silent revolution of development and show the standard to the world. This is wake up call for all our leaders to develop this undeveloped state.

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