Friday, 7 March 2008

Maharashtra episode and govt inaction

The recent happenings in MH (Maharashtra) are against the principle of nationhood and are directly related to anti-national activities. In my view, nobody has a right to speak anything against any region of India and beating up is a height of atrocities and this spreading of contempt within regions of India is a dangerous portent. Govt must take strict action against all who are involved in anti-national activities.

But what we feel is that political parties want to take advantage of it. This is the reason why no action has been taken place either by MH govt or by central govt. We seriously condemn this heinous act of central govt as well as state govt of MH.

This is very ridiculous that now every political parties in MH want to grab this opportunities for their vote bank which is dangerous portent of any civil society and against nationality. Mockery of the episode is that CHACHA-BHATIJA of MH started fighting saying he is the "Real MH Manus".

Now let them fight.. Let them make mockery of the nation whatever they can till central govt come out of the sleeping bed. It seems country lacks in visionary leadership. They forgot medieval India times. They forgot how Britishers ruled us ...Our leaders have taken negative lesson from the British how to rule India.... And this is the way.. They are doing....

Though it has pained us much to the great extent but if you see the whole hog the reason behind no action, you can understand. It seems, both govt (state and central) will not do anything because they know very well that economically Bihar is nowhere in India; doesn’t contribute much for India as nation. This is one of the hard fact.

Friends, take it very positively and start contributing in development process of the state.

Let us work towards making strong Bihar. Now this is the high time for this which is the best option for well being of the nation too. Bihar is known for revolution and we have done many revolutions in the past. Now TIME has come for "Silent revolution in Bihar" i.e. for development ".

I saw somewhere written

"The lord is the strength of the strong"

It seems this is true in one sense. Take lesson from south India.. Once they were beaten by same CHACHA in the past and now the same CHACHA-BHATIJA cannot utter any wrong words against them. The reason is simple...

Therefore Make yourself strong and then say others.. Then people will think before beating or saying anything bad. - Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman, BiharBrains, Seoul, S Korea - Mar. 8, 2008