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Time to Introspect
by Guneshwar Anand

April 22, 2005

What we are doing these days is only blaming political parties for all kind of debacles in Bihar. As a human being, we always try to find out error in other fellows. But now time has came to get rid of this sticky situation and start thinking in different directions.

Let's introspect what all of us have done in last ten year?

Please ask these questions from yourself:

1. Have we ever tried to help any poor child to get his basic rights like education, good food etc.

2. Have we ever tried to come against child labour like boycott products from company that employ child labour?

3. Have we ever tried to help any underprivileged family for its basic needs?

I can ask several such questions and the answer of most of us will answer no, in fact most of us have never thought about this. Am I right?

So it's time to take responsibility on our hand and do things differently.

What we can do? How we can help underprivileged people?

I have few ideas which I want to share with all of you:

1. We can start working with NGO. We need not to put our full time effort.

2. We can open a small library in rural area as it does not require large amount of money. We can collect old books from cities and start library. Even Rs 1000-1500 may be suffice for starting library.

3. Our foreigner Bihari brothers too can contribute from there itself. They can start an organization and collect some money like monthly 10 dollar by each member and send to the NGOS working here in Bihar. Similar organization we can start here too and put a minimum member fee of Rs 100.

4. If You are a doctor then you can start a weekly or monthly check up campaign in rural areas.

5. Young student can visit rural area and tell the basic rights to the villagers and how they can fight for that and help them in to getting there right.

Bihar is the least educated state in India. In Bihar, the least educated district is Kishanganj with literacy rate around 20%. Its shameful for us. So let's start working in this direction. Each educated person should promise to himself that he must educate at least one underprivileged child.

Yes, Mr. Anand, I agree with you. I have started uniting educated people of Bihar under the society called "Biharbrains" ( for the development of Bihar and doing the same thing which you have suggested in your article for contribution.

Biharbrains Scholastic center at Patna, many welfare schemes, career guidance, schemes for poor, opening of R&D Centers etc are some of the initiatives taken by us at Patna under this NGO. You can contribute and ask others also to contribute for this noble cause. - Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Seoul, South Korea - April 25, 2005

I still have hope somewhere in my heart, not in mind, that Bihar will see its people united for the sake of development. Development will take place automatically if basic things like respect for poor and socially deprived people and education are given priority.

The best thing we can give to our state and possibly to a human being is to give respect and forward our hand first to bring them in the mainstream. - Prashant, Bangalore - April 26, 2005


Please visit us at

You would be amazed to know that a virtual group with more than 1400 members all over the world, what all we have done in the past, and what are being discussed and implemented currently. In the past we have implemented many projects with the help of NGOs operating in Bihar.

To know us better please join us and be an active part of our group and discussion. - Amar K Jamadhiar, Pennsylvania, USA - April 26, 2005


I’m part of both Bihari ( and Bihar Brains ( and we as a group have started working on it. We are doing whatever we can do for our state.

During my recent Patna visit, I conducted a seminar on one of the cutting edge topic for students of NIT Patna. We are also coming up with a Scholastic center for students in BM Das Road under the banner of Bihar Brains. In past we did work with Blind School (near Arts College).

Samir Kumar Mishra, Brisbane, Australia - April 30, 2005

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