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Prabhat Khabar interview : July 2007

1. How do you see the process of globalization!

Answer: In my View, the adoption of Dunkle proposal and GATT treaty affected Indian economy to reach at height of around 10 % GDP Growth and maintaining average GDP growth of around 7-8 % which is good sign for the country. This has certainly benefited larger section of the society, mean to say from lower middle class to upper class of the society. The growth can be visible. Many MNCs has started its operation In India and in the same way many Indian companies are performing very well in other countries and approaching the level of MNCs and also in the international market, our companies got brand name. The take over Daewoo in Korea, Take over of corus in UK, take over of POSCO in Korea by Mittal group, Excellent record of Mittal industry in steel are excellent examples.

But the negative point of the Globalization is that poor are not benefited much and their life style almost remains the same. If we go in depth, we found that the gap between rich and poor, halves and halves-not are increasing.
Also development is not uniform; every parts of India are not affected by the globalization. In the context of Bihar, North –East states, globalization doesn’t come into picture as it has not affected the economy of the state. As a result industrialization reached to some states of India and those states have become rich state in terms of wealth and per capita Income. So Bihar has little contribution for the development of the country.

2. Do you agree with the existing model of development! if yes or no, then why!

Answer: I agree with the model as this is global phenomenon. If we go the whole hog, non-uniform development will always exist everywhere in the world, particularly the countries which are Poor and developing.
To overcome this gap of society, Govt and non government organization, Companies and business class should come forward for the investment and to start welfare activity.
NRIs, businessman of this region should come forward to help poor, infrastructure of school & colleges and welfare is required on the basis of the son of the soil.

3. Do you see any ray of hope of changing the scenario of Hindi heartland ie Bihar, jharkhand, eastern u.p etc like southern and western state of country.

Answer: All three states Bihar, Jharkhand & Eastern UP are gradually developing but performance of these states are very poor.
After bifurcation from Bihar, Jharkhand have become one of the wealthiest states in the country. This is perhaps the first state in the country which produces surplus budget. Bihar in the present regime is also on the path of progress. Post Global Meet scenario has changed the thinking of even common man. Development is only the issue for them.
But the political condition and nature of the politicians of both the state are almost same. They believe in cheap politics and see every thing from the eye of the heinous politics. We always fear the constant growth of the development and thinking of the vibrant govt.
Though presently Bihar is on the Track but In Jharkhand after bifurcation from Bihar, political condition of this newly borned state is not good. Politicians are corrupt and immature believe in “Utta Patak natak”. State gives good performance because of its natural power and mines not because of the good policy of the govt and its politicians.
Mean to say at Present, there is ray of hope from the govt of Bihar and its new leadership but the condition of ruling party in Jharkhand is not good. People should give clear mandate to avoid these “nataks” by politician.

4. In your opinion, what are the main hurdles that have halted the process of development in hindi heartland.
Answer:Politics in nerves of common man: In my view, politics is the main hurdles of the development of all Hindi states. What I found is that even common man involves themselves in the politics, some times dirty and heinous politics at all levels from family level to country level. They apply and think in the same angle of politics. Even in buses/trains /pan shop, Tea shop every where they talk about Politics; they never engage themselves in the personal /individual development; they never talk about business and business growth of the family.
But reverse is the case in South Indian States, western Indian states; they don’t have time to talk about politics; they even don’t know about abc of the politics.
If they talk, then only about individual growth.

Lack of visionary and honest politicians: In all these states, there is lack of visionary politicians. Politicians of Bihar/Jharkhand believe in cheap politics and short term goal of squeezing/making utmost personal money instead of doing development activity in the sake of the state.
It can be easily understood and can be seen.
Illiteracy and vast population: Illiteracy and vast population are also the main root cause for slow process of development. Here implementation of laws are very difficult, it doesn’t reach to the masses. Because of the common man innocency they can be easily misunderstood and misunderstood by the politicians.

Failure of cooperative movement: Cooperative movement was successful in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab and other south Indian states. In the development of Maharashtra and Gujarat, cooperative movement played significant role. Still cooperative societies are working not only larger level but also apartment and house level. But in Bihar and Jharkhand, they all were fake organization who earned money in the name of cooperative society.

5. Good governance is the newest buzzword of indian polity but it seems that it is not so appealing in the hindi heartland. what cold be the reason behind it! Answer: The reasons are same as discussed above. In addition to this, one more factor also hampers development
Attitude and cooperation: Lack of helping Positive attitude and co-ordination, cooperation with the people of whole north India hinders others to progress and streamline the pace of development. They don’t help each other. But in the case of people of South India and western India, the case is reverse; they are very much cop-operative. If any south Indian, particularly people of A.P ,Tamil Nadu goes out of India, they helps other minimum 2-3 friends from India to get employment abroad or do business activity but very few from North India have this tendency. In North India , Only Punjab has good reputation and no of people in outside India and other states is having poor no of migrants .

6. what short of business activities, development model and work, would you like to suggest for bihar, jharkhand.
Answer: let me give you very frank opinion about this. First reputation of Jharkhand is better than Bihar after bifurcation of the state. That why business model in both the state is different. Let us discuss both one by one.

Investment possibility in Jharkhand:

In Jharkhand which is the rich state in terms of mines and minerals, investment possibilities are there in Software industry, R&D labs, Steel industry etc.
Jamshedpur can be center of investment where R&D centers in software /hardware can be started. There has been enough potential in this city and environment is like metropolitan city of India and possess rich culture because of existence of TATA Motors and many companies with their townships.

Ranchi can be the best spot in Medical education, engineering education and I do feel that revival of Heavy Electric Corporation will pay the state as well as contribute in the nation economy. Pharmaceutical industry and hotel industry has enough potential to grow in this state.

Dhanbad and Bokaro need more Mines Research Center as well as steel giant to come for the investment.
Hazaribagh can be preserved as the natural beauty in the form of tourist place.

Investment possibilities in Bihar

Though the common perception about opportunity in Bihar is completely negative
because of the environment made by the past all governments in Bihar but there are many opportunities where industries, Investors can show their interest. Following are region wise opportunities which were either not identified by govt or not given much attention to it.
A. Patna Region: Patna has great potential in Finance, Trade & Commerce, Entertainment & Media, Tourism, Dairy Technology, IT and R&D Companies where
Patna can be the best choice of investors. Magadh stock exchange at Patna should be immediately revived. Patna can be the city of education and higher learning along with center for R&D. In Dairy Technology, Patna and Muzaffarpur have shown its potential and this is the only industries in Bihar which has excellent track record in terms of profits. Many more diaries industries should come forward to invest in this sector. There are potential in opening Film city, shopping malls, and hub of tourism industry at Patna.

B. Vaishali & Muzaffarpur bound areas: Hajipur can be the good place for Tourism (Vaishali), Manufacturing Industries and also electronic city of Hajipur should be immediately revived and reinstalled. Because of nearness from the state capital, the area from Patna to via Hajipur Muzaffarpur will be good destination for the investment in Education, Manufacturing industries and food processing industries. In fruits exports (Litchi, Mango and Banana), both city can be developed as center and there are large possibility of opening export –import company in this area where investment from private sector is required.

C. Sitamarhi & Raxaul: Sitamarhi can be the best destination for tourism and can attract Hindu religious people as it is the birth place of Hindu Goddess Sita. The govt and private agencies should come forward to develop this city and bound areas. This district is also good in Sugar Industry. Riga Sugar Factory, near Sitamarhi is well known which should be given more importance and revived by govt. Other non govt agencies should come for the investment in sugar industries in this district.
In Litchi production, Sitamarhi is second best after Muzaffarpur. Raxaul can be developed for the international trade with India and Nepal.

D. Darbhanga: This region can be developed as good place for floriculture and horticulture. Pan, Makhan and Machhali (fish) are three important things for the people in Mithila region. People of whole Mithila are known for their brilliancies since ancient times. There are opportunity to develop this city as center of education and research. The forts of Darbhanga Kingdom can be used for the tourism purpose. The forts of Darbhanga in all over the state can be used for the spot for the tourist attraction. As whole Darbhanga, Madhubani, Saharsha and Supaul has large no of ponds, fishery industries can be developed. There is immediate need of Establishment of Branch of Central Fishery Research Institute (CFRI,Mumbai) at Darbhanga.

E. Madhubani: is Famous for Mithila Paintings in all over the world. It needs to be
spread to all villages of Mithila and other districts of Bihar as one of the industries.
Presently only few village women are working. Govt should declare it as industry.
There are huge scope for private sector and NGOs to come forward & help to grow this industry in the state.

F. Samastipur: This dist is famous for Famous for Khaini (Tambaku) production and
wheat. This needs to be more advertised as it is cash crops. The establishment of sugar industry in this dist will be good option for the investors.

G. Bhagalpur Region: Bhagalpur has great potential in Silk Industry, Textile, Handloom & Handicraft, Gems & Jewelry, and Furniture & Artifacts etc. This city should be popularized and advertised as “Silk city of India” .This region is also be developed for tourism as same as Nalanda. Vikramshila can be the good spot for the tourist.

H. Begusarai: Begusarai district in known for the industries in the field of petroleum, chemical, petrochemical integrate complex including upstream & downstream industry. Presently only govt has its own industry in this field but this dist needs more investment by private sector.

I. Purnia and Katihar Region: This dist is good in agro based industry like Jute, Leather and allied products, animal products, fisheries, poultry. The entrepreneurship can be developed in the youths of this district so 38 as they can earn huge amount of Money from this sector.

J. Munger Region: can be developed Electrical & Mechanical Hardware Industry,
and Heavy Industry etc.

K. Gaya, Nalanda & all Budhist Cicuit Regions: No need to say much about this
Buddhist circuit. Because of internal terrorism this dist has got bad name. Because of tourist attraction, there are plenty of opportunities in hotel industry. Gaya,Rajgir, Pawauri, Nalanda, Patna, Fatuha should come under special category for Bihar where govt can get much from the foreigners. In addition to tourism and hotel industry,
these whole region are also good in Cement,Stone Slabs, Prefab Structure, Power Plants other Mineral Based Industry.Jehanabad can be the center of the production of wheat and rice.

L. Bhojpur Region: Bhojpur Region of Bihar can be developed as the center agriculture .ifgovt pays attention; this has potential to produce wheat and paddy as Punjab and Haryana produces.

7. Do you think that S.E.Z will able to provide durable opportunity for development or to provide employment to reduce poverty!
Answer: Yes, I completely agree.
I think, there has been negative politics in the name of SEZ. Every one knows that India needs Industrialization to compete the world economy as well as to progress of common man.
I can not deny the worst part of the episode that has happened in west Bengal but it doesn’t mean that it should be stopped.
Some people say that companies should directly contact and bargain with the landlords, this is just one way of solution. This is worldwide approach that govt provide land to the business man who wants to invest.
I have reservation on not using fertile land for business process.
Can anybody say that IIT Khragapur is not fertile land, IIT Kanpur and IISC Bangalore is not on the fertile land?

8. Would you like to return your native place/state to change its face!
Answer: Yes, I have already started movement for uniting educated people of Bihar under BiharBrains ( under BBrains development society which happens to be the first international society of its kind in Bihar and forum for NRIs.

I have also just established my own company called TekBrains ( which will do its operation at Patna, New delhi and south Korea.This company is in the field of Chip design and development and will be first company for the state of Bihar in high end technology. My vision is to develop it into IC manufacturing industry and make North India as center of Hardware technology.
At present, India is doing well in software industry and earned more money and got good brand name, but we will not achieve success unless we get hardware manufacturing center and start the fabrication of ICs for which India has potential. Let us work on the “Made in India Brand” in a new approach and thought.

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