Friday, 6 July 2007

NAAC Grading of Patna Science College
by Bibhuti BikramadityaDaejeon, S Korea
Feb. 16, 2007

Nobody can believe about B++ Grading by NAAC team to Patna's premiere Science College which was once known as the "Cambridge of the East" and still known as the best college in Bihar.This news is really kind of shocking to everybody and now this is the matter for discussion among educated class of Bihar too living in India and abroad on the issue of failing norms and standards of education by this college in recent years.We don't know on which NAAC parameters this premier college failed to satisfy the criteria but there is no doubt as far as quality of teachers, quality of students, quality of labs (in comparison to other colleges of Bihar), cut off marks for admission into ISC/BSC/MSC, results of students in IITs/IIMs/UPSC exam are concerned, this college is still the best in Bihar and better than many colleges that received A Grade in various cities of India.As I am an alumni of this college in PG dept and also involved with some projects with college, I do feel the degradation in maintaining past quality at all fronts and also faced many problems while executing projects in the said premier college. I am going to enlist some negative side of the college which may have caused for this sorry figure:1. Professors of the college are involved in private tuitions to earn money.2. Research work is almost zero. (But this is the only college in Bihar where few does real research work).3. Most of the good teachers are retired. No new appointments have taken place.4. No good professional courses run by Science College, still they are the best in basic sciences.5. Non-initiative nature for new things/new courses by professorsThe college will have to improve a lot to retain its pride. I do hope that professors of this premier college would get lessons from the assessment of NAAC team and will work for improvement in the college.

Following seven criteria has been identified to serve as the basis of assessment procedures by National Assessment and Accreditation council of India (NAAC)Curricular Aspects Teaching-Learning and Evaluation Research, Consultancy and Extension Infrastructure and Learning Resources Student Support and Progression Organization and Management Healthy PracticesI don’t exactly know the current curriculum for Undergraduates and Post-graduates program, but what I know is, the ongoing practical examination system of 19th century, is due to poor infrastructure. Most of the young teachers of Science College are not updated with current science because of the shift in their teaching activities from Science College to coaching institutes. Regarding research, one has to write grants with full devotion and vision. I do not exactly know, what happened to them, but lack of interest and courage to carry out research (as a challenge) from their (faculty) side has compelled the young students of Science College to change their course of action in their lives..., like joining probationary and Administrative officer or even bank/LIC clerks rather than scientist or teacher. This shows that there is no support system working for students and their progress in science. As far as I know, BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) provides employment to 10-15 young M.Sc in different department in each subject. Science College has failed to send students there since the last 20 years. Not only BARC, one can hardly see students of undergraduate and post-graduates from Science College at any institutes of national repute.Science College got B++ grade, is really a matter of pride. Because the college has maintained its glory at par with other senior secondary school of Patna in terms of producing engineers and doctors from I.Sc classes. Government has failed to promote and keep the prestige of a few prestigious colleges across Bihar on the pattern adopted by central Government for IITs and Central Universities, (different pay structure and selection procedure). Thus, the faculty selection for Science College, Patna and ABCD College such as Mahesh Bhagat Banwarilal College, Muzaffarpur fall in the same line. Apart from this, I think our social set up is also responsible for decline where basic science has lost its credibility to technology (to some extent) that led to this situation. At this moment, I can only suggest that Government should identify a few premier colleges and follow the path adopted by Central Government. - Dr. Sudhir Ranjan, USA - Feb. 17, 2007
I am an alumnus too. I agree with you in totality. It is time to wake up, rise and shine again. - Dr. Jaya Vatsyayan, Pittsburgh, PA - Feb. 17, 2007
As you said it is shocking for us as well who are not an alumni of this college. But I guess along with the factors which you mentioned there are few more things which might have affected.It's true that Science College has the highest cut off mark for admission in Patna. But the question comes is, how do we justify that. There are other colleges like AN College which is giving tough competition to Science college. In my opinion AN college as far as infrastructure is concerned is much better than Science College. On the top of that they also have started few professional and vocational courses. Which is been completely ignored or not done at appropriate level by Science College. So the rating have gone down. I guess this is the time when the officials of Science College should wake up and take appropriate action before this college goes to grade C. - Samir Kumar Mishra - Feb. 17, 2007
I am an ex-student of Patna Science College with some of the greatest professors teaching me (they have retired now). I think with such learned and talented teachers Patna Science College should have attained glory. Sadly, because of a few, the blame for its deterioration is put on all the professors, which is not true. Rather, the administration and discipline needs to be taken care of. For that, I think Patna Women's College deserves appreciation for it's discipline and also for the introduction of various new courses. - Anjali - Feb. 18, 2007

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