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Let's Not Turn into a Mud-Slinging Contest
by Rajesh ChaubeyJune 13, 2005

PD has given us a very good forum to interact. We call ourselves well wishers of Bihar. However, what is very noticeable is that when we write we do not pay the requisite attention to make sure that our writings do not hurt the feelings of others. A person raises a point and immediately he/she is attacked. Some one asks the other to grow up, some one suggests the other should change his/her name, some one declares that the other has school level intelligence and then there are the few who resort to offensive name calling.The moment we get personal, egos get trampled and this leads to a war of words which really serves no purpose. It vitiates the atmosphere. We can agree or disagree like gentlemen stating the reasons for the disagreement. As has been rightly pointed out we must delay submitting our reactions as it will help in moderation of our remarks and prevent ego fights. I take that advice. Personal remarks must be avoided and issues addressed in polite language. PD provided this forum for intellectuals to exchange ideas not abuses. We have made it look like an arena. I feel that the people out to harm Bihar are more united than us, the lovers of Bihar. They work quietly with full co-operation among themselves stealing the state’s coffers while we indulge in mud slinging at each other with well aimed personal remarks. If Lalooji were to visit this site he would have the laugh of his life.If we intellectuals do not show respect to each other and can not think together, can the illiterate masses of Bihar be accused for electing the wrong people?


I agree with this statement that intellectuals must be united and show maturity in them। You know, every intellectual has different, independent ideologies, you can't say anything. You can comment about likes or dislikes. In my view, we may make comments but attitude should not be negative. Our agenda should be "How to Develop Bihar?", how to pool our ideas so we could start developmental projects in association with intellectuals of Bihar. Personally I am very happy that every one ideas and experience is taken into account for this PD but only discussion is not solution. We are discussing since many years and gradually lagging behind everything.PLEASE start acting. DISCUSS the ideas, projects and take feedbacks from others, good or bad, and take idea how to make the project successful. This is my personal suggestion to all PD writers who usually writes for the PD and take part in healthy discussion.
Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Seoul - June 13, 2005
There is no reason to disagree with Rajesh Ji। Enough care should be taken while expressing opinion। The two fundamental rule should be truth should prevail and it should not hurt others sentiments। We have seen people raising religious issues for no purpose. It hurts. If one community starts alleging other for some reason, then the other reacts with their own comments; it does not lead us anywhere except raising bitterness. We must stop this. Rajesh Ji and Arecee have come out with very good suggestions. We should adopt them and make PD forum a more beautiful and purposeful forum to discuss Bihar related issues. - Anjum Parwej, Saudi Arabia - June 14, 2005

Time and again I have requested and asked 'let's not get personal while putting our points'।Dated May 30, 2005, I wrote 'I agree with Mr. Rajiv's comments and I request Mr. Arecee not to get personal with Mr. Saha. We have the right to criticise what he says, not him.' in the article 'Popularity of Shri Lalu Prasadji ' by P. K. Saha. Today, I appreciate Mr. Arcee's acceptance in this regard in his article, 'With Malice Towards Some'. What we missed out is we all raised all hue and cry, put forth our opinions, but I don't understand why Mr. Saha didn't respond at all. Readers were left throwing stones at each other over popularity of Mr. Laloo.What I have noticed is we get good number of comments on all the articles but one or the other way these article relate to backwardness of Bihar and its people. But when someone like Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya shows some standards to follow to develop Bihar, people don't even put their points forward. Why?? See the article 'Can We Set some Standards?' by Bibhuti Bikramaditya. I am not saying that we should repond but what does it speak of us when we put all of our energy to discuss topics on Laloo, Rape, Muslim law etc.Earlier I had written that I know few people on this platform who are really trying to do something for the development of Bihar in the article 'Bihar Can Never Develop'. He is someone who shows a ray of hope in the darkness of Bihar. I am speaking of none other than Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya itself. Kudos, keep it up. So when he says 'PLEASE start acting' then he not only gives ideas but he has already put some of them into practice.I had also written 'Yes PD sees good number of best solutions for Bihar, but the big question is how can these be realised?Till we come out of this loop and put our own solutions to practice, I am sorry to say I don't see light for Bihar'. But when Mr. Rajesh comes out with this noble view, I am with him completely.It was really pathetic to see someone writing 'Never seen an article where the writer defends his comments on what the readers write and then drag it on to make it a platform for debate and argument' and the writer responded 'My dream is that the quote which I put in my article be translated into different languages'. But now we can see that we have realised our follies and we are there for a better cause. I also appreciate some of the recent articles by Mr. Som Viswakarma and Mr. Indra Roy. And one more person different in this league is Rashmi Singh. Keep it up.I am new to this PD forum, but when someone says 'We are discussing since many years and gradually lagging behind everything', I accept it whole heartedly.To end with I can say that when we are able to put some of our discussions into practice we can then only contribute to our cause i.e. 'Development of Bihar' or else we we will always be busy discussing and discussing bearing no fruits. - Dipak Kumar Paswan, Denmark - June 15, 2005

The quote which I was referring to was :If a child lives with criticism He learns to condemn.If a child lives with hostility He learns to fight.If a child lives with ridicule He learns to be shy.If a child lives with jealousy He learns to feel guilty.But if a child lives with tolerance He learns to be patient.If a child lives with encouragement He learns self-confidence.If a child lives with praise He learns to appreciate.If a child lives with fairness He learns justice.If a child lives with approval He learns to like himself.If a child lives with security He learns to have faith.I still think it should be translated in all languages and displayed in all homes. - Rajesh Chaubey - June 15, 2005

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