Sunday, 8 July 2007

Hope for IIT/IISER/Central University in Bihar

In the recent development, the central govt has decided to increase no of IITs, central universities and IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education & Research) in India and Rs 1, 32,000 crore will be invested in setting up of 30 Centarl universities and three IITs, seven IIMs, 20 NITs, five Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) and Indian Institute of Information Technologies (IIITs) and two school of planning and architecture (SPA) during 2007-14. A centrally sponsored scheme or additional central assistance would be worked out to provide the finances. The Commission has envisages that 14 of the new CUs in different states will be of world class standards.
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This is really commendable effort taken by the central govt to improve S&T environment in India .

In this context Bihar is the fit case for all the institutions as Bihar doesn뭪 have any of the institutes and also major labs (out of over 250 odd institutes under the department like DAE, DOS, DBT, ICAR, CSIR, DRDO, DIT and department of health) in spite of the fact that Bihar produces large no of techies and scholars who has contributed and are contributing in all national and international fora. In view of population, Bihar has more than 8% of total population of the country, this position is absolutely outrageous.

If we go whole hog we find that these centers are located in cities of few states or in the metropolis which are totally embarrassing and fit case of regional imbalance and negative sidelining attitude by the center towards Bihar . In my view, Bihar should get fair share of 20 research centers (out of a total of above 250 such research centers across the country) or for that matter 12 national academic institutions (out of over 175 such institutions under various ministries

Though our local politicians of without vision are responsible for this disaster who never dares to put such demands in front of central govt seriously but in the same way central govt should also be held responsible for this disparity and gaining momentum of regional imbalance. ). If national leadership would have taken care for restoring parity to the state by allocating at least 40 of centrally funded autonomous institutions (out of total of over 433 as Per expenditure committee report 2004-05 or CAG report which states the number above 499 in year 1998-99 report), state would have been definitely be a much improved place for its denizens.

Anyway thanks to present govt for raising all those issues and getting support from all quarters. Now Bihar has started development process in all the fields, they have taken some steps also to improve standards of education and also to improve infrastructure of the state including law & order which were one of the most negative factors for not installing these institutions in the state. Now this reason should not be taken into account by central govt and politicians of the central govt.

Recently on the announcement by Hon뭕le HRD minister for three more IITs in Bihar, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, Bihar Govt has given clearance for the space for IIT in Bihar and gave full support of the establishing this institute of high repute in Bihar. This is good step and should be appreciated by all.

Apart from IIT, to develop scientific environment in the state, the importance of IISER should be given more attention. In this scenario, recently on the basis of demand for an IISER in Bihar by BiharBrains since long, Bihar govt has written letter to Hon뭕le PM for the IISER in Bihar and has given very clear indication that Bihar we will provide land for IISER in Bihar in his letter to Hon뭕le PM Dr.Manmohan Singh. This is good initiative taken by Bihar govt.

Bihar doesn뭪 have central university, the movement for Making Patna University as Cenral University should be started by us and also the state govt should give more focus as this university deserves this status. In the recent statement given by Hon뭕le VC of Patna university, he claimed that situation in Patna university has improved , education environment has also changed ;many new professional courses has been started by this university in the recent past. Patna University in all the fields has contributed a lot. Hon뭕le VC Sri Samiadri claims that Patna University is the fit case for getting central university status and he takes it a challenge for getting it. This is great and he deserves appreciation for this.

Now ball is firmly in the court of the federal government. We hope at least one IIT, one IISER and one central university and few DST labs for the time being from the present central govt which is the need of the hour.
We have hope for the same .

Bibhuti Bikramaditya
Chairman, BiharBrains
Seoul, S.Korea

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