Friday, 6 July 2007

Hats off people’s President

This article is devoted to non -other than our beloved Dr. APJ Kalam who made history by his vision of India 2020 and advocated action plan to develop India into “Knowledge super power “and into a “developed nation by 2020”; who made history as missile man of India and was brain child of Nag , Prithvi Akash, Trishul, Agni and several other projects being heads of around 50 R&D Institutes; who made India a nuclear power and was leader during Shakti-98; who gave mantra for educated politicians (unfortunately not approved by the parliament) to rule over the country; who when gave little smile, all children’s of India bestowed exhilarating love and the last but not the least he is who gave vision for the development of Bihar and stated that the development of Bihar leads to the development of the nation.
In his entire mission, I saw him very much clear to his points. Once he advocated policy of educated politicians. Though it was rejected as it was not suited to political circle of India for the well known reason but certainly his advocacy will start discussion among educated circle of India.
In his entire term, he worked for pioneering S&T in India, in his foreign tour too, he visited labs of the country and met scientists and professors. His extra ordinary love towards children was also admired by all countries where he visited. They all arranged special program in schools where he met with children.
In the implementation of his project ideas, sometimes he went out of the way too. The best example is Bihar. In Bihar, he visited two times and addressed joint session of parliament, gave full support to present Hon’ble CM of Bihar for the implementation of projects in Bihar, openly gave 10 points formula to develop Bihar by Power point presentation while inaugurating Global Bihar Meet, 2007. This was his unique style of functioning and we are proud in ourselves by the seeing the attitude of this high tech president. In recently concluded global Bihar Meet in Jan 19-21, 2007 at Patna, he gave a surprise by giving his confirmation by one simple mail from one of the organizer (there was no official mail from the govt).On the basis of that mail, he wrote to the state government and asked it to arrange his programme.That a President took cognizance of a casual letter so seriously and that too on such a short notice shows his interest in Bihar, the state with which he had no past record of association.
His mission and vision towards the development of Bihar will be always remembered particularly for two projects which he initiated 1. Revival of Nalanda University and 2. Establishment of IISER,, Indian Institute for Science Education & Research. He advocated for both of these institutes in Bihar in his entire visit to Bihar.
I am personally very happy to see the progress made for the revival of Nalanda University which has become now cynosure of all political and non political circle and landmark for building strong relation with china.This is welcome event that many Buddhist country have offered their contribution for the revival of the said university and more than that we praise Prof Amartya sen for taking responsibility of the university.
The development process of establishment of IISER is very slow as matter has already been raised by BiharBrains ( ) for which separate blog has been created in association with Dept of S&T ,Govt of Bihar. Please visit blog . Now the good news is that Dept of S&T, Bihar has taken now serious note of it and started work on it and joined hands with BiharBrains for the noble cause. This is to mention here that the establishment of IISER will bring R&D environment into track in Bihar. I do hope govt will pay more attention to this project too in the near future.
Anyway If Bihar got implemented both of these projects and become develop state of the nation in the long run, the contribution of Dr. Kalam will be remembered by respect and as messiah for Bihar.
Let me hats off towards noble work of this people’s president and expect words of praise from all section of the society.

Bibhuti Bikramaditya
Chairman, BiharBrains
Seoul, S. Korea

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