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'Doing for the Joy of Doing' Need of the Hour
by Rajesh Chaubey
June 19, 2005

I share this as I find the readers of PD seem to be in knots when it comes to the question of what concrete action can be taken by them. There is an almost hysterical screaming at other people to do something for the “beloved” state/nation. All the self generated hysteria makes people behave in ways not befitting of well educated people. Ego battles are fought in cyber space. However, what is pathetically comical is that even after making enough noise to make a large flock of parrots shy, hardly any action seems to result.

I guess the greatest problems are the theoreticians. These people who distance themselves from problems, sitting far away they make plenty of noise accusing/abusing the system for the problem. They pray with folded hands that “someone” will do “something” for their state/nation. They are a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

There are others who do not communicate as much but have their own tiny shrines inside them. They find it difficult, or rather awkward, to display their softer side. They have their own tiny worlds where they shed off their armor and do little things to make themselves and others happy.

Decades back I came across an organisation which picked up four academically good but poor students every year and funded their education. This small self-financing organisation took care of the kids till they settled in life. Till date it has produced many good professionals who are working in India and abroad. They keep in touch and a small society has grown.

In return for whatever the organisation does for such kids the only two expectations from them are clearly defined. Expectation One: Try to open a similar organisation where ever you work in life. Expectation Two: Help poor kids whose education has been financed by similar organisations to find jobs and settle in life.

I must say the contributions made to such organisations are miniscule when you compare them with the amount of happiness and satisfaction they bring. I request all PD readers to form groups, setup such organisations, fund them and experience the true joy and satisfaction. By doing so you will be starting a chain reaction of help and happiness. The important thing here is trust in the system so your group must consist of your own close friends and relatives. Do the screening carefully to ensure that your help reaches the really deserving children.

There is not much point in asking others to do things. Do something yourself quietly and reward yourself with true joy and satisfaction.

You are absolutely right, Mr. Chaubey. There must be an association of educated people of Bihar who are residing in different parts of India and abroad. I am trying since 8-9 month and started one organization called "BiharBrains" ( to meet those objectives which you have mentioned above.

We have representative in almost all major countries (USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, South Korea, Australia, Bangkok, Singapore) and all major Indian cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Patna, Bangalore, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Chennai). We called global chat on Jan 9, Jan 16, and Jan 23, 2005 and formed many committees to carry out those projects to be implemented in Bihar. We held many meetings in those cities and countries successfully.

We are establishing "Bihar Brains Scholastic Center" and forming NGO at Patna for which we have already taken space at Shanti Maitri Bhawan, BM Das Road, Patna.

We have announced some welfare schemes for poor school going students, projects for engineering colleges for awareness; GRE/GMAT Institute at Scholastic center (giving new look to the Scholastic center) etc.

We are in the process of forming an NGO for which members are from all over the world who are also residents of Bihar. At the local level also, our organization is gradually becoming stronger, trying to involve all top brass of Bihar, all educationist, all workers who want to invest their time and share their views for the execution of these projects.

Many VCs (Patna Univ, Mithila Univ, Ex Patna Univ), ex-chief secretary, Bihar, K. K. Srivastava), SBI AGM, Retd. IFS Ashok Kumar, Tripura cadre, many CEOs, CTOs, R&D professionals and people from all stream have joined hands and joining hand gradually.

On my next visit to India in the 3rd week of July, I would like to meet all interested people who really want to do something for Bihar.

It would be better if all PD writers would contribute something for this society for the noble cause. - Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Seoul, South Korea - June 21, 2005

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