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Can Jharkhandis be Treated as People of Bihari Origin?by Vipin Singh

January 14, 2006

In India people carrying Pakistani or Bangladeshi passport can neither claim to be people of Indian origin (PIO) nor can they be treated as Non Resident Indians (NRIs) the same should be applied among states which has been formed by partitioning bigger states. Even though we all remain Asians but this step was quite logical considering the fact that Pakistan was formed as a result of partition of India. Similarly, those of us who chose to be part of Jharkhand should stop considering themselves as people of Bihari origin. They are of Jharkhand origin. If they visit other states outside Jharkhand they will be called Non Resident Jharkhandi, rather than Non Resident Biharis. Though we all are Indians but only Biharis residing in other states except Jharkhand should be treated as Non Resident Biharis. Those of us who have moved to Jharkhand after separation can also be considered as Non Resident Biharis but they should not enjoy the privilege to call themselves as Non Resident Jharkhandi outside Bihar and Jharkhand.

When a Bihari introspect on the weakness of Bihar it is understandable but why should a Non Resident Jharkhandi introspect on behalf of Biharis for the weakness of Bihar. We can understand the interest of Pakistanis in Indian affairs but just imagine what disaster will happen if Pakistanis are allowed to freely inter switch between Indian and Pakistani identity. Similarly to avoid the similar disaster our Jharkhandi brothers should be requested to contain themselves with Jharkhandi identity and should not try to alternate between Jahrkhandi and Bihari identity while taking interest in affairs of Bihar. This is good for both our two great states Bihar and Jharkhand.

If a guy from Hazaribagh is caught uploading child porn on internet then he is called a Bihari but if a Dhoni performs better then he is a Jharkhandi. This must stop. Both are Jharkhandi and none of them are Bihari.

There should have never been a Jharkhand but now that it is a truth we should follow the rules of engagement in separation.

I will tell you a story, there was a guy telling this horrible joke about gifting Bihar to Pakistan and I was listening that with one of my childhood Bihari friend whose family was settled in Ranchi. After the joke I being a Bihari from Patna felt bitter and sad but my Bihari friend was laughing. With unbelief I looked at my Bihari friend and asked him what was there in that joke for us Biharis to laugh? He said that he is now from Jharkhand and when Bihar will become part of Pakistan his Jharkhand will still remain in India. I soon realised why after partition, India decided not to consider Pakistanis as people of Indian origin (PIO).

Vipin ji, you have touched a very good point. Congratulations. I think pretty soon we Bihari will have to accept that Jharkhand is no longer Bihar and Jharkhandis are no longer Biharis. I will not be surprised if we soon start facing discrimination in Jharkhand also.

If Kashmir is taken by Pakistan only head of India will go but with Jharkhand gone it seems to me like Head, Hand, Leg and heart of Bihar was taken away.

To me it seems like in a old and malfunctioning car good tyre, engine, transmission and music system was taken away and car was left in a junk yard.

But you know what, it may be blessing in disguise. With body becoming weak soul of Bihar has become strong. We no longer live in illusion of highest mineral deposit, colliery and coal mines. Now we know who we are. Poor Bihari. But we will work it out.

We will build a new car with Goodyear Tyre, BMW engine, Honda Transmission and Bose music system. - Kaushal Das - Jan. 14, 2006

While we dwell on jokes here is one more. A foreigner was returning back from India after a long stay in this country. At the airport a friend asked him what he thought about Indians. The foreigner responded he had not met any. His friend was bewildered. He asked "You stayed here for so long and now you say you did not meet an Indian???!!!" The foreigner clarified "I have met Biharis, Bengalis, Gujaratis, Marathis, Tamilians, Keralites but no Indians". Vipinji the cake symbolizing the Indian people has been cut so many times that only crumbs remain. There are division on language lines, state lines, caste lines, state of origin lines and God above knows how many more lines. We are everything but Indians.

Now when the crumbs are becoming too small to divide please do not bring microscopes and micro-surgery equipment to try to further divide the crumbs just because someone cracked and inane joke. Even after division to the atomic level and beyond can you stop equally foolish jokes? Vipinji let us eschew anger and use this forum to unite people. Even if you take the super-glue of love, brotherhood and nationhood and try to join the crumbs it will take more than a life time to reconstruct the full cake symbolizing the Indian people. Let us talk like intellectuals and get above small time politics. The good of the Indian society and the good of India should be our aim. - Rajesh Chaubey - Jan. 14, 2006


I understand the author's point. He has asked for separation solely based on the fact that we are now two distinct states with two distinct identities. It is similar to comparing them like Bangladeshi and Pakistani --- people from two separate nations. In the case of Bihar and Jharkhand, we operate under the same constitution.

Many of us have relatives in Pakistan. We seldom have contact with them. In the case of Jharkhand, the bifurcation is still new, and we still have strong ties with relatives and even some cities there. It is almost a kind of NRB. Jharkhand and Pakistan are two different stories.

If some in Jharkhand relish their “clean slate”, they should be willing to accept both praise and criticism of their citizens. There does seem to be a disconnect on both sides of the boundary --- a sense of nostalgia for our very recent geographic tie, and a willingness to assign all bad behavior a Bihari origin.

People will make jokes about each other. It seems to be human nature. “Bihar is so bad we should hand it over to Pakistan.” Maybe the truth is that Pakistan would happily engulf us. I am sure, on the other hand, that such an event would be monumentally disastrous for the rest of India. - S. M. Khurshid Anwar - Jan. 15, 2006


I can't believe what I am reading here.

Vipin ji, I can't help but thank God you are not in a position to shape the politics of India. Why do you have so much hatred for other states or people or culture other than Biharis, (though now I am having serious doubts about your love for Biharis as well), as you have displayed in your other comments elsewhere? Do you have some personal experience that has ignited such loathe for other people in you that we don't know of but should know before understanding your separatist psyche and your highly divisive philosophy?

Why stop at Bihar and Jharkhand? Let's also cause split among Biharis also. We are already divided on caste and class lines, let's further divide ourselves on sub-caste and village basis. Let's promote more hate between Rajputs and Bhumihars, Srivastavas and Ambasthas, Yadavs and Gopes and so on. And then let's bomb each other to maintain our supremacy. How's that for your kind of politics?

Please don't say you are just being 'practical' and 'realistic' because that's exactly what Hitlers and Stalins and Saddams have been saying for generations. Try to get along. You don't have to mix politics into everything. Some things are best left for future.

Do you think a single Jharkhandi would by shedding tears if you stopped calling them People of Bihar Origin (PBO)? I seriously doubt it. The point is, it hardly makes a difference whether they are called PBOs or not. This is a pointless discussion. If you don't want to call them PBO, it's your prerogative. You can't stop others from calling whatever they want.

Rajesh ji, thanks for thinking like a rational, matured person. At least now I know I am not the only 'pacifist' here. I am using this term because I can see it coming. According to some folks here, if you try to be nice to someone, it amounts to appeasement. Being nice to your fellow countrymen is out of style now; you must see everything from a jaundiced eye and must doubt the intentions of others from the very get-go. That should be your default response. Everyone is out to get you - that should be your approach if you want to survive in today's world. By reading your other write-ups on this web site, I know you are big into environment and green-house effect and such and how they can destroy the world but I am more concerned about this attitude among people as shown by Mr. Vipin Singh. This will push the mankind to the verge of extinction in much fraction of a time taken by all the smoke and gas and pollution and deforestation combined. - Anil Kumar - Jan. 15, 2006


Some time back, at a 'paan' shop in Deoghar (Baidyanath Dham), I came across a Bhojpuri cassette, the title of which was "Baba became Jharkhandi". Though the title was just meant to draw people's attention, I laughed and thought "They did not spare Him even". And so, now millions of 'Biharis' take the water of Ganges from Sultanganj in 'Bihar' and walk bare-footed, cross state border (thankfully, without a passport) and come to Deoghar in 'Jharkhand' to worship the 'Jharkhandi' Baba. I have enclosed 'Biharis', 'Bihar', 'Jharkhandi', and 'Jharkhand' in single quotes, because still I can't see the difference. To our older generations, this boundary may sound ridiculous. But, then it is a political fact. Though, from the deepest bottom of my heart, I wish to die a Bihari with Bihar and Jharkhand united again, I can only hope for it. I can't predict if we will reunite like East and West Germany, or become enemies like India and Pakistan. The realisation of Bihar and Jharkhand as separate states will become deeper in our next generations.

In 2002, there was a controversy over Domicile Act brought by the then Jharkhand government, causing riots between Jharkhandis and non-Jharkhandis. Rumour was that 1932 would be the cut-off year to determine the domicile status on basis of land documents. The fact, however, was that there were districts with no land survey conducted after 1896. Yeah, so? Why am I telling this to you? Well, even if they decide the domicile status based on 1896 or even older survey, I will still be a Jharkhandi, politically. But, I know of people who call themselves Jharkhandi, who happen to be in Jharkhand just because their fathers came there a few years back to work. I welcome their love for Jharkhand, unless it is an outcome of an attempt to disassociate themselves from their Bihari identity. It hurts me to see some bright people working in other states trying to escape from the derision which follows by introducing yourself as Bihari. I request you, particularly Mr Vipin and Mr Kaushal to read my comments to the article 'Bihari? Bhaiyya? Paki?' posted on December 7, 2005 on PatnaDaily.

To understand the plight of tribals in Jharkhand, you ought to know the age-long oppression and exploitation done to them. You must see the half-naked people living beside the mines, wandering in the forests to collect some wood and herbs to survive. How they migrated to Assam only to be killed by the separatists. How these naive simple people work diligently to fill the pockets of the land-grabbing mafia, just to build a decent hut for themselves only to be crushed by the wild elephants. The poorest people of the richest land! How could have Bihar developed with crores of tribals still living in such a pathetic condition? I don't know if the partition of Bihar will help them, which was more a result of politics. However, I hope it does. With that I also hope that the politics of separation is shunned by the people, or else there will be more states called Poorvanchal, Mithilanchal, and Santhal Pargana.

Vipin ji, you may close your doors to me, ban me from writing on this website about Bihar, and you may succeed also, but I welcome you with open arms to write about the problems in Jharkhand. I will continue reading the articles of my brothers, will laugh like crazy in the boring solitude of US, reading the funny experience of Mr Kaushal's bus journey. For, we Biharis and Jharkhandis are fighting for the same cause. I hope you understand the difference between Advani praising Jinnah in Pakistan and a Pakistani baby Noor Fatima being operated by Indian cardiac surgeons. - Kumod Jha - Jan. 15, 2006


Kaushal Ji, you are always welcome, you are absolutely right, we will do it! Magadh will rise again as phoenix! Under the leadership of Nitishji and Sushilji, Bihar is set to become one of the most developed states of India. Rajesh Ji, sorry I will take the liberty to differ.

Coming back to article, friends, these issues are not in my hand. Tell me what I could have done to change the events as Indian on that unfortunate day when Biharis were being slapped and kicked in front of TV camera in Kalyan by some criminals. I have met some of those abused. Every slap on their chick had convinced them that they are Biharis and not Marathis. Yes they are Indian and there is no dispute about that, even they agree to this. Whatever happened on that day was not only in violation of Indian constitution but also in violation of International Convention of Human Rights.

A crime is a crime, is a crime and is a crime; there is no justification for a crime. But time and again I have seen here on PatnaDaily some people trying to justify such crimes openly or covertly. I always wondered why? What may be the motives behind such justification? I guess many but with Lalooji gone we have to negate that and guess about other motives.

I love my country and I believe in Indian Constitution by its words and spirit. But there are so called Biharis who are objecting to Bihari Rickshaw pullers in Delhi trying to earn an honest life, now either I should stand by Indian Constitution or violate the Indian Constitution and support those disguised as Biharis who are objecting to Bihari Rickshaw pullers in Delhi. I have no option friends, I will stand by Indian Constitution!

Those Biharis who have no problem with existence of Maharashtra as a state should not have objection to respectable and clean existence of Jharkhand too. Existence of states in India is a horizontal understanding rather than a vertical one, neither in Maharashtra before beating nor in Assam before genocide, Biharis were asked their caste, why then fear of caste A hating caste B is becoming relevant on talk of Jharkhand? If people can give sermons about the existence of “people of Tamil origin” and need to respect them why they get disturbed when I remind them about “people of Jharkhandi origin”. “Kahin daal me kuchh kala to nahin hai”. Anyway I am sure this article will help smart and intelligent Biharis who love to read in between the lines to look through the haze.

Here I go again, I am proud of our Ganga and our Magadh, now if somebody is finding my this feeling offensive then he is free to repeat few names of world’s evil dictators.

Kumod Jha Ji, in earlier debate as soon as you said, you are a Jharkhandi, my respect for you increased hundred folds. Why only Jharkhand, even Bihar is your home. With your idea to introduce passport to visit Bhole Baba, can I politely remind you that this Bhole Baba was on Kailash and moved to Jharkhand for Biharis and if Biharis are in trouble to see their beloved Bhole baba then he will move to Bihar. Ashok Dham of Lakhisarai is becoming more popular from the day people have started calling Bihari Bhole Baba as Jharkhandi Baba, actually some people have started talking that true Kailash wale Baba is at Ashok Dham in Lakhisarai and not in Jasidih, it seems Baba has started his move towards Bihar (Smile). Kumod Ji, please don’t embarrass me by using the word ‘ban’ as this is prerogative of PatnaDaily Editor. - Vipin Singh - Jan. 15, 2006


This is my last article to this website. I ban myself! Because, I have failed. I was preaching others what I could not accomplish myself, that is to have healthy debates to come to a positive solution on a variety of topics. I do not need to debate with people like Mr Aarcee, Mr Rajesh, Mr Anil, Dr Ignatius and many others, because they are always convinced with what I say, probably out of affection. It is them whom I would not name, but readers can guess, who I wished to engage into meaningful debates. It's not that I want everyone to be convinced with whatever I say, but I wished people would debate for a purpose, and not maintain skewed positions, determined not to lose a debate than to think of solutions. Let this be an example to other potential writers, the curious eyes behind the bushes. Next time if somebody ventures, let him/her be better prepared than I was. I am sure there are many others much better than me, who can improve the quality of discussions here.

Mr Vipin, what made you think that this so-called-Bihari is opposed to Bihari rickshaw-pullers in Delhi. That I see the rickshaw-pulling as a wrong profession. Were you referring to my comments to the article "Bihari? Bhai...."? That was a fact used to describe one of the reasons for being ridiculed as a Bihari in Delhi. It's the society, which considers rickshaw-pulling as an inferior (not wrong) profession, not in Delhi alone, everywhere (as if you don't know that). How can I be disrespectful to Bihari (and Jharkhandi) labourers in Delhi when my own cousins are working in the factories there for 3-5000 Rs a month salary? What right do I have to criticize them when I could not create jobs for them in Bihar (and Jharkhand)? It does not bring shame to me that they are doing low-end jobs there, what hurts me is that even after completing Intermediate/Graduation, they had to come all the way to Delhi only to do such jobs. And the fact that I have not done anything to stop that. But then what is the point in telling this to you?

The problem of tribals in Jharkhand is not a caste problem, Mr Vipin. But again, why should I tell you that? I've learnt that the more we talk, the more harm will be done to this forum.

Here you see, Mr Vipin, I am losing my cool, as I am losing the debate. You won! I was wrong! And as it is natural for the loser to show his frustration, let me tell you this shloka that I read in class X, which goes, "Agyah sukham aaradhyate, sukhtaram aaradhyate visheshagyah, alp gyan durvidagdham tam naram, Brahmaapi na ranjayate". - Kumod Jha - Jan. 15, 2006


Dear Jhaji, no I don't agree with you because of affection. I agree with you because you make sense. You are not swayed by cheap propaganda created by some members of the press and certain 'self-declared' messiahs of the Biharis. You use logic, experience, history, and current state of conditions to form an opinion of your own which is not only good for the Biharis, a myopic view taken by some individuals, but for the entire nation, and eventually for the entire mankind.

I also read the last comment by Vipinji. Apparently our views are so diametrically opposed to each other that I have chosen not to respond to it anymore. I am not here to win arguments. We all know we cannot convince others to change their views no matter how radical, or even ridiculous. You try it but it never works. Then you simply let the other party feel that he has won the battle and move on.

Please do not quit on account of a few people. Just because some people disagree with you doesn't mean you don't have people who agree with your viewpoints.

I just want to know how many of us have told and re-told Sardarjis' jokes and laughed at others told to us by others. By Vipinji's definition, it should be all Sardarjis on one side and the rest of India on the other. The truth is, the Sikhs are one of the most loved people in the entire world. We all have Sikh friends who are much trustworthy, helpful, and compassionate people than many Biharis we know. I wonder what would have happened had they not taken it lightly.

Please do continue to write your views in PatnaDaily just as I ask Vipinji to continue to express his views here even though we will probably not agree on most issues that affect us Biharis or Indians. - Anil Kumar - Jan. 16, 2006


Vipinji have you read the story of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza? Read about the characteristics of Don Quixote. He used to see imaginary enemies all the time and used to attack harmless things. From that characteristic of his personality the term "Quixotic" has been coined.

Let us stop seeing imaginary enemies. With fertile imaginations we at times blow things out of all reasonable proportions to make them look like critical matters. A fellow cracks an inane joke about Bihar and we get charged up, reading volumes into those words, interpreting many meanings and selecting the worst. We analyze who all laughed at the joke and who looked indifferent.

Then we launch our attack. Who is the attack directed at? The man who narrated the foolish joke may be miles away by now sharing his joke with someone else. We can not locate him so we generalize our field to include all people of the same religion, caste or looks. We are charged now and we have to attack. We attack the first person, with similar looks or who is of the same state, who we find standing and smiling by the road side. Reason? The fellow was laughing at us Biharis. He too wants Bihar to be presented to Pakistan.

For God's sake, relax. It was a foolish joke and nothing more. - Rajesh Chaubey - Jan. 16, 2006


Dear Kumud, Anil ji and Vipin ji, I don' think I sent my previous comment in very good taste. It was a sudden reaction. I apologise for any bad content.

I think we are doing a crime here to all Jharkhandis / Biharis by discussing Bihar/Jharkhand and crime to Hinduism and human being by discussing Baidyanath Dham and Jharkhandi Baba.

I hope Baba Baidyanath and all readers will forgive us for this. - Kaushal Das - Jan. 16, 2006


Dear Vipin, I have realized soon after sending my first comment that I have done something wrong. I sent a second comment. While I thought it is better to keep quiet and let time heal I realized I needed to send yet another comment.

While you might have picked a few words by Kumod here and there and drawn your hypothesis and conclusion, you have totally missed the whole underlying message. You might have stressed your mind too hard but not used your heart. At least in your comment regarding Baba Baidyanath, you completely missed the underlying message of Kumod.

I can not understand why you did not get that Kumod was trying to tell how integrated we Bihari and Jharkhandi are by example of Baba Baidyanath. I am really feeling so much pain by your "Ashok Dham in Lakhisarai" comment. It is outrageous. No excuse.

I never even felt need of moving or creating another "Tirupathi", neither did anyone else.

Kumod ji, I agree with Anil ji that you are a good man, a better and a matured person. While I may or may not agree with each and every of your views, I do feel that I need to apologise for my part in comment.

And yes I know you are a "Nautankiwala" but why this "nautanki" of not writing , ban etc. If you stop writing because somebody has problem of you being "Jharkhandi" then I have domicile of "Maharashtra" and I can produce certificate and also I have domicile of US (Green Card). Should I stop reading too? And yes I studied this in class IX or X: "Nindak Niyare Rakhiye, Aangan Kuti Chawaye," Bin Paani Sabun Bina, Nirmal Kare Subhay - Kaushal Das - Jan. 16, 2006


I don't know why this kind of discussion is going on. People started saying Bihari, Bengali, now Jharkhandi, Marathi etc... and then many differentiation between them. I personally discourage this.

Division of states (whatever basis) is only for the good governance of the country.

Think positive in right direction. These kind of thinking will bring us again back to the medieval period of India. Modern India must be free from all these deadly viruses. World is progressing, Indians are also doing well. Being an Indian, we must show our maturity in thinking level as well as show progress in effort level by doing good, not discussing on the topic which will have negative effect or of no use or differentiation among people in the same country.

Talk only on the development perspectives, talk only on the eradication of all social evils. Since Bihar is backward state in the Indian Union, we have some responsibility, come forward for starting/doing developmental work. - Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Seoul, South Korea - Jan. 16, 2006

Today I am going to fill all space of PatnaDaily in response to this article .

Rajesh and Anil ji , through your Sardar joke I remembered a true incidence which happened with us.

One of my friend who is actually a Bihari Bengali (!) is married to a Sardarni . My friend is very comedian like and who else can be a better candidate then presence of a Sardarni. Time and again we use to tease her always by saying

"Barah baj gahe kya?"

"You will know Khusboo of Pubjab ki mitti if you wake up and go to farm early morning "

Whenever she will do any mistake in driving we will say "Can a tractor be more automated than Toyota Camry which even a Sardar can drive "

She was so much use to listening all these. One day while on a long drive we got lost in a rural area. We were trying to find any body but due to rural area no body was visible. Then my friend suddenly say "Hey look can we go to that tractor..." Without thinking even for a second she slapped my friend real hard "Do you think this is time to joke ".

Within a few second she saw the tractor too.. and you know what? We had one more Sardar joke.- Kaushal Das - Jan. 16, 2006


Kumodji, don't be so hurt. Earlier I too was affected by comments which were not in line with my views. I used to argue and try to convince. Then I developed the art of selective reading. I suggest you develop the art of selective reading too.

I read the articles and comments of only a few people in detail and you are one of them. When I read the articles of these individuals I apply my mind and try to understand what is written.

For the rest I either go dip, dip, dip or jump clean over. After all my time is precious and I refuse to spend it on quixotic stuff. I conserve my energy there. Who is going to try to educate people with fixed ideas?

You must stay on for I am going to miss your articles and comments. As I see it, it will be loss to PD too. - Rajesh Chaubey - Jan. 16, 2006


Friends, I say treat this article just as a crude Joke and stop discussing this topic. I would appreciate discussion on how can we make Bihar a better place and rather I would be happy to know people's experience on what they have done so far or what they are planning in near future to make Bihar a better place to Live. - Avinash Jha, South Africa - Jan. 16, 2006


If we say that we like the opportunity for free expression, then I suggest that we should act as if we truly do like it. The differences in opinion are a fact of life. Since we are all human beings, I think it is important that we all get a chance to be heard. Some will have had experiences that make them more sympathetic or open to your view. I do not think differences in opinion are good reasons for abandoning the platform we have here. If we keep away from the personal attacks, it is more respectful. If you decide to leave this loosely organized group of concerned people, you will miss an opportunity to find the common ground between yourself and someone you tend to disagree with. When such moments happen, it can not help but make us more open. - S. M. Khurshid Anwar, New York, USA - Jan. 16, 2006


I am one of those 'lurkers' here who read the news and comments on PatnaDaily on a regular basis. I agree with Avinash Jha. This is an exercise in futility. We can find a more sensible topic to discuss here than worry about whether the Jharkhandis should 'have the privilege of being called PBO". - Diwakar Prasad - Jan. 16, 2006


I will only be a stubborn egoist not to respond to this love shown by my elders and friends. Sorry for the delay in response. I could not send this message earlier due to some security restrictions in my office. Lunch break gave me a little time to type this comment in hurry, or PatnaDaily message box would start overflowing.

I am glad my message reached to my friends, finally. Kaushal ji, I knew you did not mean what you wrote earlier in the first comment to this article. In absence of a moderator, I expect the editor to use his privileges to cut the lines out which are merely an outburst of sentiments, but may cause unintended damage. Even I have written few lines, which I regret now. Mr Aarcee had raised this point some time back.

I had lot of topics in my mind, which I had planned to write upon last weekend, but this discussion did not leave me in a position to write. I will follow the wise suggestion of Rajesh ji hereafter. Thanks to everyone! - Kumod Jha - Jan. 17, 2006


Ravi Pandey Ji wrote an article on PatnaDaily, “Our Social Messiahs or Are They”, I wrote back a comment that was totally against the content of his article, later he wrote another article, “A Horrible Tragedy but a Golden Opportunity”, I wanted to support that but because of my busy schedule I could not reply. Then he wrote another, “Social Justice Virus”, I didn’t even considered worth commenting but then he wrote, “Propaganda for Improving the Image of Bihar” and there I was supporting him with my full heart because I agreed with his each word. I can be against a view or I can be for a view. These are my judgments and prerogative of PatnaDaily Editor whether he finds them fit to be expressed on PatnaDaily.

Rajesh Ji, with respect to your second comment I can understand what you are saying but this article was not in reaction of a joke or in reaction of fellow listeners otherwise I should have started my article with that joke. Hope it helps.

You see with all this Bihari bashing, Bihari beating, Bihari butchery and so called sermons about introspection on the sin to be born as a Bihari, which goes on and on and on, I tried to put Bihari identity naked, without Lalooji’s Lalooland and Jharkhandi buffer for all those who say that they carry a Bihari soul and helped readers to see what is at stake.

All I am requesting is to come out of Inertia, your logic didn’t helped Lalooji and if you continued on that then it will not help even Nitishji. If you have believed that Biharis working as cheap labour in Maharashtra and Gujarat have damaged the image of Bihar then you not only have believed in a lie but now you will be countering the statement of Nitish Ji at Prawasi Bharitiya Diwas, where he said that Bihari labours have contributed to development of Maharashtra and Gujarat.
After winning the election Nitish Ji said myth about Bihar is breaking, choice is yours, either you share the joy of breaking myths one after another or share your views on Nirvana.

And for those extreme types, I will never ever and I am saying it again, I will never ever apologies for the fact that I am a Bihari. I simply can’t afford this and if some of you are feeling hurt or feeling offended, I am sorry, I can’t help the situation.

Kaushal Ji, I can understand your sentiments and I respect them but let me tell you one thing very politely you have missed the biggest reason in whole of argument, it was never against what Kumod Ji said. Lord Shri Ram himself created Bhole baba of sand in Rameshwaram. I didn’t put the passport in bracket but if there will be passport, we will apply for that, but if it is rejected then we will work the way Lord Shri Ram did, hope you get it this time. Kaushal Ji, “Pattahr me baste hain bhagwan jara dhyan se dekhiye to sahi”. Outrageous for you but makes lot of sense to me otherwise still there are temples where ‘Dalits’ are being kicked out and this capability of ‘Bhagwan’ to reside in any ‘patthar’ is quite a help for our Dalit population.

Kumod Ji come back, I didn’t refer to your comments on Delhi Rickshaw puller, I was referring to comment from another guy in last debate. I just read your comment now on “Bihari? Bhaiya? Paki?” Unfortunately I don’t agree there also with most of what you have said. I don’t know why you are giving so much of importance to my agreement. Kumod Ji, I may not agree to the contents of what you write but I respect the honesty in contents of what you write. Stop embarrassing me by giving so much of importance to my views. Ok let me see, if it helps you in ignoring me, how about if I tell you that I am just doing my engineering in Patna and I am even younger to you, a small timer Bihari internet surfer, can you ignore me now, please? Just understand that for me Bihar is not nostalgia but a reality. Like many others I don’t have to read or see Bihar in media but I have to live Bihar and breath Bihar. I know nothing of Jharkhand, I find myself equally close to all states of India. I have hardly been to any place outside Bihar. Please ignore my views and come back.

Let this be my last comment on this topic. - Vipin Singh - Jan. 17, 2006


Hi Vipin, don’t worry about gang-up and keep rocking. You have proven that land of compassionate George Orwell is live and kicking with true spirit. Oh boy! You are sitting in Patna with 56K dialup, still at engineering college and forced the fat NRIs like me with 8Gig wireless to gang-up against you. Man just keep writing and don’t care who says what. I love the way you present your case, sincere and compelling but still composed and people are left with nothing but calling their team mates. Keep it up buddy! It seems PatnaDaily, the pride of Patna has become more dynamic with your presence. - Vidyasagar S R Holkar, London - Jan. 17, 2006


Dear Vipin, I would have ignored your comment, had you not disclosed that you are an engineering student at Patna. To say the least, I am amazed! It has just changed my angle of perception towards you. I always have believed that whatever happens, happens for good. And today my belief has become stronger.

Our views may not match, but there is no point of discussion if there is always a consensus. As an elder brother, I am now a little worried about your studies. I hope these debates are not taking your precious time. If you are able to balance your time between your studies and PatnaDaily, then that would be great.

Students like you have always made me proud. So what if you don't think the way I do? It does not matter to me any more. I am a different person today than I was at your age. I wish you good luck for your career. Please keep writing here. - Kumod Jha - Jan. 17, 2006


So Vipinji is a very young person and what we were experiencing all along was, in large parts, generation gap. It seems funny in retrospect. I must congratulate Vipinji for presenting his case in good language, even though he has had people screaming at him. My suggestion to him is that when he writes he should cool down his emotions a little and write the logic very clearly.

There have been times when the references he made were so oblique that I missed the point all together. Perhaps he, being young, is too emotionally charged when he writes. I have been in the eye of storms frequently for my at times unusual or too frank views. You can see some discussions on PD, Some have been removed for their volatile content.

My suggestions to Vipinji is, do not use too many words, examples and oblique references. Your logic should be direct and clearly stated in simple language especially when there is storm around you. One more thing, Vipinji the world is changing fast. None of knows what tomorrow may bring in. For this reason, we should walk towards he future with an open, friendly mind and without a huge back-pack emotional filth from the past. It is futile. Look at the two countries India and Pakistan carrying the filthy ghosts of the past while the world zooms by. Hope with time and experience, you will make waves. - Rajesh Chaubey - Jan. 17, 2006


Dear Kumod Jha it's nice to see that you are back. All of yesterday I felt sad that a good person like you was going to leave the PD arena. I mentioned this to my wife last night and said that if there was no news from you this morning I was going to send you an open letter through PD.She was rather amused that I should have good 'vibes' over someone so far away.Of course having never been to India she does not know what it means to spend one's youth here and how when we go back we leave our heart here and take a little of India with us.

Your comments on many issues have often been in tandem with mine and you come across as open minded,well informed and far sighted. However with age and experience alone will come that valuable quality--patience. Keep writing, let us be inspired by it and perhaps someday when I pluck up sufficient courage I might even write an article.

I must say that I was more than a little surprised by Mr. Vipin Singh's revelation. The maturity of his writings belies his age. We have the makings of a great, inspirational writer in him. - Dr Ignatius Joseph, Malacca, Malaysia - Jan. 17, 2006

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