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Bihar’s Pride: Super-30 Institute
by Indra

July 17, 2006

By now Super-30 Institute started by additional DGP Abhayanand and mathematician Anand Kumar has become something that every person Bihar can be proud of. Jainesh Sinha, Harsh Pallav, Saurav Kumar, and Roshan Kumar are students from less-privileged backgrounds today in IITs curtsey the Institute. They have come out with an innovative way of "give back to Bihar" promise they made their gurus at the institution. Abhayanand says, "This group of IIT students was in the state during the summer vacation. I gave them the task of hunting for 5-6 talented children forced by poverty to work as child labourers. And they have done an excellent job." The four disciples of the Institute took the task given by their guru in all earnestness and went around on a rigorous scouting trip, visiting street children, those living on railway platforms and others in remand homes. And let us look at the two of "six gems" that they have discovered in a short period. ·Seven-year-old Pramod has never attended school. But he adds large numbers like a wizard. ·Eight-year-old Sippu has extraordinary memory and reasoning abilities. He can solve mirror-image questions of the sort found in recruitment tests for bank officers and CBI sleuths.As per the plan, the six children will appear before Chief Minister Nitish Kumar as well as prominent citizens at a show where they will display their talents. Jainesh Sinha, a member of the search team is now preparing them for the show.Abhayanand appears to be a philosopher when he says, "We help talented poor students to crack the IIT entrance. But there are talents who will never be able to reach our institute, as they don't get an opportunity to study. We want society to ensure these talents study, otherwise it will be a national loss." Super-30 co-founder mathematician Anand Kumar, has thrown open his house to provide shelter to the children. He says, "Their plight reminds me about my difficult days. Particularly, when I had an invitation from Cambridge but did not have the money to go. I ran from pillar to post for help but none came forward. From then on I decided I'll do my best to help the talented who are throttled by poverty."Abhayanand expects that "the government and respected members of society" will come forward to sponsor the studies of these children.And I am sure that will happen. But will these children require some mentorship that only a good missionary and visionary teacher such as Abhayanand and Anand Kumar can provide? Will they not get lost in our traditional education system without some inspiring intellectuals?Why can't IITs and other national institutes produce some more Abhayanand and Anand Kumar for taking up the affirmative task of the underprivileged children? Why can't the group of four talk about the case history of search hunting a little more loudly, so that others can also follow it in other states? For a country of billion plus with 50% requiring some support and subsidy to lead a life worth living, India must have many more or the two As. And the story also provides a roadmap that others, even the country's education planners, can emulate.I wish our media- both print and small screen would cover the story more extensively and made it known to the people of India. Will some one from Patna provide more details of the story?

Dear Indra jee, Very happy to know about this. I am now sending my representative at Patna to talk to Sri Abhayanand jee and will give all possible help to poor students and in searching poor students too.Good abhiyan started by Sri Abhyanand jee and Mr. Anand. My heartiest regards to both of them . - Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman, BiharBrains, Daeejon, S. Korea - July 17, 2006
It's great for me to see the news of Super-30 institute because I was a part of it in 2003-2004. Now I am a 3rd year B.Tech IT student at VIT-Vellore. I really admire respected Mr. Anand sir for his tireless effort to bring up this institute so well and I hope this institute attains more height. - Aditya Bhaskar - July 17, 2006
I am Dhirendra Pratap Ray and I am also an ex-student of Abhayanand sir and Abhay sir. Currently I am studying in IIITM, Gwalior. Sir I am desperate to help my society. I am eager to help the needy people of our society in whatever way I can help them. I am proud that I am their student and they are the source of inspiration for my life. I want to talk to them. Can you mail me their email ID and contact no please? Please convey this message to sir. i will be thankful to you for this. - Dhirendra Pratap Ray, IIITM, Gwalior - July 18, 2006

Dear IndrajeeIt was very interesting article I have read so far on Bihar। Being a proud Bihari and always wanted to give something back to Bihar, this effort of Abhayanand and Anand Kumar has shown me the right platform। This is it; this is where we can all help them to achieve what they have initiated. Please let me know if you have any contact telephone numbers of any one of them? I would like to personally talk to them and find out how we can provide help.Do keep bringing to light on these types of efforts in Bihar, especially, since its underdeveloped and it has to brings its pride back. This is not to put down any other state or person or similar efforts being carried out elsewhere. - Prasun Dubey - July 18, 2006

Superb initiative. Great work. - Rakesh Mishra, Toronto, Canada - July 18, २००६
May I send my personal respectful congratulations to the people behind the Super-30 project for making it a reality for children of non-privileged background. This is a matter of personal pride for me to be a Bihari (a distorted word for Vihar-i.Also to PatnaDaily.Com for giving people a forum to express their views. As I have said before in my humble opinion media also has the role of reflecting the 'good work' of society rather than just mentioning the ills of the society.I sincerely hope the signal goes out loud and clear to the people who have 'good hearts' that human beings are by the core of their nature are 'good'. Sometimes some of us perhaps go on the wrong path but the collective goodness of us humans prevails in the end. Mr. Abhayanad and his team are one of the apt examples of what eastern and western thinkers have termed as 'innate' goodness of humans.Once more I send my deep sense of gratitude to the Super-30 team.- Ajay Kapoor - July 19, 2006

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