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Bihar Journalists and IISER
by Dr. Rajkishore Prasad
Research Fellow, Japan

Feb. 15, 2007

In order to emphasize our demand for establishing an Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Bihar, media should give proper attention. Only media can help in creating mass awareness and seriousness. I think the matter is lacking wide coverage and mass support. The repeated recommendations by hon'ble president and contradictory reply by the central government on the matter have induced thinking that after giving IIT center is not going to entertain matter of IISER with priority. However, both types of institutes are needed in Bihar to upgrade and stabilize existing higher education system. It's sure that someday IISER or equivalent will come to Bihar but why not today? Why does central government is ignoring prescriptions of Hon'ble President and why does our political system is failing to counteract? I hope journalists can better help to answer such questions. We need to keep candle lighting and one of the most effective ways is to sustain with demands with larger force. The journalists from Bihar can help in much better way. The might of media is tremendous; that's why it has been said that


Our journalists can stimulate our political system from very close by exchanging opinion of government, our MP's, central ministers and other prominent figures whose active support can make significant changes. It will be great if some local correspondents come forward on this mission. Many of the influential figures from state are in the capacity to bring an IISER in Bihar but we need to activate them repeatedly. Till today, one of the central ministers and an MP from Bihar; have given active support to matter and have raised the issue but what about the opinion of the rest. Such explorations in the interest of Bihar can be easily done by our journalists. It will be highly helpful if some one can procure list of accredited journalists, with addresses (preferably e-mail addresses), from Bihar. I hope Patna Daily can do something in this direction as PD it has been covering the related matters with priority.

Same can be had from the website listed under "Media List" heading on the left margin. You may also find the following Id's useful in your endeavor:

1. Mr Laloo Pd Yadav ( Member Union Cabinet, Member Cabinet Committee on Economic Affair).
2 Mr Raguvansh Prasad Singh ( Member, Union Cabinet & Cabinet Committe on Economic Affairs)
3. Mr Ram Vilas Paswan ( Member, Union Cabinet & Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs)
4 Mr MAA Fatmi (Union HRD Minister of State & MP from Darbhanga)
5 SC Jha ( Member Economic Advisory Committee & Chairman PM's task Force on Bihar)
6. Anawarul Hoda: Member Planning Commission (originally from Bihar)
7. Ashok Kumar Jha (is Union Finance Secretary and is on Various committees Including Scientific Advisory Committee), IAS officer of AP cadre but original resident of Bihar (as you can make out).

Union Cabinet has also approved plan for setting up 4 new NID's as well on 8th feb 2007 and one National Institute of Food Technologies & Entrepreneurship in last quarter. 11th plan talks of setting up 4 SPA, 10 Central Universities of Excellence, 20 IIIT's, 3-5 IIM's and so on as well. - D N Mishra - Feb. 16, 2007

Note from the editor: PatnaDaily does not publish email addresses of people without their prior permission. We have had this problem before when we published someone's email address and then later got slammed for sending spammers into their mail box. Mr. Mishra, with all good intentions, had provided the email addresses of the leaders he mentions above but we chose not to publish them. Please go to the web site mentioned by Mr. Mishra to obtain relevant email addresses. Thank you.

This is not only the issue of highlighting this matter to media to bring govt into action, this is also matter of grave concern that why after repeated mentioning by HE president of India for need of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, (IISER) in Bihar in the joint session of Parliament in Patna as well as recently held Global Bihar Meet (See text of his speech in Education and entrepreneurship section of Mission of Bihar: neither govt of Bihar nor any politicians of Bihar has come into action. The pity is that they even don't know about IISER. This we have felt while working with govt for the demand of IISER in Bihar since a year.

Though we as a team of BiharBrains have been successful in talking with DY CM just before Global Meet over this issue and in near future we are going to have meeting with CM and HRD Ministers of India, we do feel that unless all section of the society comprising Educated class, (scientists, professors), politicians, administrators , students raise this issue to bring into notice of Hon'ble Prime Minister of Inda, it will be futile attempt.

We should understand that only IIT in Bihar will not serve the purpose; the establishment of IISER will help in creating research environment in the state in the field of all streams of sciences. This institute has great potential in bringing research environment on track and also this will be perhaps the first research institute of its kind in the field of science for the state of Bihar.

We are in the need of starting a campaign by all political parties on the demand of IISER in Bihar. I do hope all citizens of Bihar will help in this. I do hope all MPs of Bihar will sign over it and then in a team of MPS We can have meeting with Hon'ble Prime minister of India.

I do request all PD writers to join hands with us for this noble cause. For all other information about our demand for IISER in Bihar, please go to - Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Daejeon, S Korea - Feb. 16, 2007
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