Friday, 6 July 2007

Anti-National Statement Makers Should be Held Accountable
by Bibhuti Bikramaditya
Daejeon, S Korea

March. 12, 2007

The recent public statement by Mr. Raj Thackeray against non-Maharashtrians and particularly against the people of Bihar has opened eyes of every Indian. This has now become cynosure for media and burning topic of discussion among Indian community on cheap politics and heinous act by few politicians which is completely against nationhood. The points here are to mention that this is not first time that any such public statement has come against Bihar in the name of protecting Marathi culture, in the name of making Mumbai dirty and few more other reasons.

As far as Marathi culture is concerned, I don’t think this is very much different from other Hindu cultures. I was in Maharashtra for couple of years, I know people of Maharashtra as soft spoken, business minded, strong faith in religious cultures and harmony and the passion for nationhood.

Yes, there are some instances that happened in Maharashtra in which people of Bihar were involved themselves in the wrongdoing and crimes. Because of the bad governance and lawlessness in the state and also by some students of Bihar in different colleges of Maharashtra who involved themselves in politics in the colleges and involved themselves in criminal activity, they feel that even common mass of Bihar is boorish and violent.

The reason for bad reputation against Bihar and people of Bihar is well known, Bihar should develop its own region in terms of literacy, unemployment, education, law and order and infrastructure etc which is gradual process, takes time.

But as far as state wise culture of our country is concern, this is not at stake because of people of Bihar or any other state /region. I am sure, they (common people of Maharashtra) don’t believe that people of Bihar in Maharashtra are maligning the culture of the state. They are living in complete harmony and brotherhood with all other citizens of India in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra.

Only politicians like Mr. Thackeray believe threat to culture and make this as big issue because he/she wants vote banks by spreading regionalism through these kind of heinous statements which is against any good society and culture.

In the same way, many a times politicians and Mumbai Municipal Corporation, BMC claimed that Mumbai is dirty because of the people of Bihar and UP. But this is not the fact. Mumbai city has become dirty because of the complete failure of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. The improper way of making plan and its execution is the main cause for dirtiness of Mumbai which is going from bad to worse. The govt of Maharashtra should pay more attention to that.

If we look from a different angle, Mumbai is the cosmopolitan city of India, treated as financial capital of India, and has good reputation in the world.

If any city grows, develops, and becomes a metropolitan, then not only because of the local people but also good people from different parts of the country who go there to start and establish business and contribute in their economy for the development of the state as well as of the nation. This is true.

In the professional world, no one can offer jobs to anyone for charity. If the people of Bihar or any parts of India go there to seek employment and get employment, then not because of the charity that company or institute offers, this is only because of the talent, which he/she possesses.

Being an Indian, we should preserve our talent and give a chance whether they are from any parts of India working in any parts of India.

India is known for the talent; let us not squeeze those talents in the name of language, culture, regionalism, casteism and religionalism.

People go to every state for business and jobs and have right to go anywhere, reside any where in India. Let every body enjoys their life wherever they want in India.

Let us not forget that formation of state is only for the good governance of the country. Don’t spread regionalism among any Indians. Nationalism is above than any other factors. At the cost of "desivad", nobody should dare to spread any kind of mistrust, regionalism and casteism, religionalism etc in India.

People should understand that we are progressive and doing well in all front and giving competition many nations of the world. In the modern India, there is no room for looking back into blunders of the past medieval India.

This is not the first time that any politicians raised voice against any particular state/region, this had happened in the past too.

In 1970’S, Shiv Sena made similar statements and even harassed a few Tamilians because they were taking many office jobs.

In 1990’s and post 2000 era, this has increased and many instances are there into Maharashtra, Assam, Manipur and few more states.

I don’t want to dig into the reasons of the incident that has happened in the past but
certainly these incidences are serious cause of concern and dangerous portents of Indian society. This type of public statement against any Indian national or any state of Indian Union is shocking and against the national character of our nation. Such people whether he is in Maharashtra or in any other parts of the country should be punished and declared as "Traitor of India".

This is very bad that till today nobody has appealed to the court against his remark. People or law expert should come forward for the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) for the noble cause.

I would like to draw attention to the central govt that as this case is increasing and has increased in the recent past, Govt should enforce law under Indian constitution to stop this kind of heinous act and stopping politicians to play cards of cheap politics which will have adverse impact in the long run. In my view, this case can be treated as "Traitor of this country" and he/should be punished under constitution.

This law will be good for well being of the nation.

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